PA5000 style lock with CB6000 or 3000 cage?

Discussion in 'PA5000' started by JackStrap, Jun 10, 2010.

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    I'm wearing my modified PA5000 on a 24/7 basis nowadays, except I'm usually free for the night, as no'one is very keen on putting the lock back on immediately after sex (which seems to be a daily thing nowadays :) :) :)

    There are some photos on my profile, if someone has not already seen them (nothing new, mind you).

    I have been thinking about enhancing the device or creating something completely new on a random basis, and someone earlier mentioned about utilizing PA5000 locking mechanism in some other ball capture device, cb6000 or 3000.

    As I happen to have one extraneous PA5000 frame and CB-6000 Short Cage does not seem to cost more than 60 euros.... Well.

    If I drilled the locking mechanism away from PA5000 and drilled a hole of suitable size into the 6000 cage, then glued these together, would it be good and would it "work"?

    Or would some other style or type of cage be more suitable for basis?

    PA5000 is quite OK -with- my modifications but not perfect. I glued the extension ring to the cage, and it's a little bit too long; the cage gets pushed frontwards, stressing the front-side of the piercing, even after I readjusted the locking hook (cut it away from the base, drilled a hole into the base and glued it back, now pointing up, not frontwards.)

    I do have doubts about long term reliability of the lock as I have already have had problems with it, jamming or getting stuck between "open" and "closed". Something along the same lines but of better quality would be good. Too bad, I have not seen anything similar on the market :I

    Ideas, experiences?
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    As far as the long-term reliability of the lock, what I did was spray some "Boeshield T-9" (Amazon or Rockler) and totally fill the lock as much as I could. I let it sit and soak in for a little while, and then blew it out with a can of compressed air, wiped it down and let it dry. I do this for all of my locks that are exposed to the elements (padlock on my shed. and my CB/CD locks) and never had any hesitation or failure of them. Boeshield T-9 is a rust preventative that Boeing developed for their aerospace industry. If you do woodworking, it's also good for tools since the lubricant won't transfer from the tools to your wood and ruin your finish like Silicon will.

    If all you're worried about is protecting the locks, Napa Auto Parts sells a silicon spray (part #8300) that works well.

    The Silicon spray is more of a lubricant with some protectant properties, and the Boeshield is more of a protectant with some lubricant properties. You can use both around the house and car as well (hinges, rollers, etc..), but you need to be careful with the silicon spray since it might affect things you plan on painting in the future.

    Periodicially filling the lock with oil (sewing machine oil, 3-in-1 -- I think 3-in-1 smells, so I don't like it) and letting it drain back out will also do a decent job of protecting it from corrosion and keep it operating well.
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