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PA with the jailbird?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Queensbitch, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. Does anybody have a PA and use it in conjunction with the jailbird?
    I can see how a captive bead ring would Fit nicely around the bottom bar. But don't know if it would pinch.
    No I don't have the PA yet, it's just a thought that has be discussed between @QueensbitchsQueen and myself
  2. It pinches, or I would have stuck with my jailbird. Plus when the ring sticks out, any bump on it creates a fulcrum and seriously hurts.
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  3. Have a look at my pics.....
  4. Appearantly you get along fine with the combination.
    Was you pierced or caged first.
    I would have the benefit of getting the piercing placed to work with the cage
  5. I did the cage first, this way I could make adjustments to get things right. Then the piercing. It took some time to heal and stretch, but it was worth it.
    As you can see once the ring is closed, it’s perminate.
    Very comfortable.
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  6. I had bad pinching issues when active with my Queens Keep and PA. It wasn’t terrible, most of the time it was okay. Once in a while though, ouch!!
  7. We have reached the point of where we both want forever to be only about her orgasms.
    Every 3 months or so my cage can come off long enough to shave and get any stragglers that I can’t get while locked. But that is only long enough to shave, then right back on.
    We have talked about long term lock ups for about the last year. Each time that we got caught up in the moment and unlocked me. We soon regretted removing the cage and me getting to orgasm.
    Resolved that problem by putting keys in a timed safe until January, then leaving the emergency key in my locker at work, always accessible just not immediately so we can’t do something to regret yet again.
    PA would make removing cage time consuming with the keys and escape proof without. I do wish it could be possible to get pierced while caged instead of a couple months uncaged to heal
  8. would to consider using a tetherspout instead of a piercing?
    That's what i use on my cages (see pics), including my jailbird. No need to wait unlocked for months while healing.
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