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    Hi all,

    I'm sure this has been answered before but I'm unable to find it in the forums. Sorry about that; probably my search abilities leave a lot to be desired.

    Any advice about how long to wait for my latest PA stretching to heal before using it for a chastity device? Here's the timeline so far:

    May 2016: initial piercing - 10ga.
    ---4 years---
    January 4, 2020: stretched to 8ga.
    ---10 weeks---
    March 14, 2020: stretched to 6 ga.

    So it's now been a little over 5 weeks since the most recent stretch. I feel fine; no pain when pulling on the PA ring. I'm happy with 6ga; both my devices are for 6ga.

    If it makes a difference, the two devices I have are an Evotion Bijou and a RigidChastity Halfshell. (Thank you Denny3297!). I am experienced with chastity, but this will be my first time using a PA-secured device.

    I'd really appreciate any thoughts. Many thanks!
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    I stretched to 2 gauge and waited a year. I think that you are rushing things.
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