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PA piercing is tomorrow!! Yikes!! Yay!!

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Sublifter49, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Erections are mildly uncomfortable because the jewlery pulls against my panties.
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  2. That post came out wierd...my first answer was included in the quote of your questions..

    Not healed, only day 3. Mild pain when peeing at times and still some lite bleeding
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  3. Just an update...bleeding stopped yesterday..very mild burning when peeing. Positional mild pain if the jewlery presses on the PA hole. Ready to get back to the gym..gonna try that tomorrow
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  4. Congrats
    How is peeing? Do you spray out the hole or dribble? Or can you pee pretty normal with the right pressure and angle?
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  5. Peeing is a mess...definitely have to sit at this point. I'm told once it heals you can manipulate the jewlery to pee at a urinal. Don't know how it will work once I have a cage secured through PA. Probably caged it will be rather difficult
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  6. i have had my PA a while now, best piercing i ever got, but also started me on a piercing bug, got both nipples done, and i am looking at getting my septum soon, my better half has a plan regarding rings in all the piercings that im ever so worried to find out about.
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  7. You just gotta accept that with a PA you will be more involved with urine. Instead of one hole with a clear exit there are now two with metal through them. As my time has passed my piercing is more relaxed around the jewery. With practice I can manipulate the jewelry and get a decent stream with moderate dripping. Stand with my legs apart an no clothing below and this all works well. But about 10% of the time some urine sprays around something and I may get a little on my clothing. Certainly more on my hand that is trying to direct everything.

    Peeing with a device is actually a little easier. On my Lori and eVotion the pin extends from the urethra 1/4" or less. This helps collect the stream. Urine still escapes through the piercing but the device prevents it from spraying so it just dribbles.

    This is unless you get the pin that curves around like a ring. It is an option on Lori devices. It's function is to make the urine stream spray and require you to sit.

    It took me about 6 months for the piercing to stretch from 8g to 4g and heal so that it was completely comfortable. (Lori said 6g was good and 4g was better. it was not hard to stretch up.) If you are really good and don't stress the piercing and don't try devices too early and maybe are under 40 you may heal faster.
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  8. 50 yrs old...6 gauge to start...healing well..
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  9. Yes peeing standing especially for me with a circular ring is like a crapshoot as to where it will go but usually follow the ring back towards myself. I do love my PA though the best thing is no nuts so the two together are great!
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  10. Update:

    One week down in the healing process. For anyone trying to decide about a PA, one piece of advice: Flush it with sterile saline A LOT!

    After the bleeding stopped I got lackadaisical about flushing and developed a mild, but very sore infection. A small setback that I’m sure wouldn’t have happened if I would have flushed the piercing more. I alleviated the situation with a combination of many daily flushes and a morning and evening treatment with peroxide. For the peroxide flush I used a sterile insulin syringe (without a needle of course) and sprayed the puncture and into the urethra. Still mild pain at times, but clearing up.

    An observation for those considering this that are Chasity junkies at this point. Both my Queen and I have noticed our normal dynamic has changed. There is a loss of sexual energy brought on by both the wound and the loss of emotions the cage itself brings. As much as we both want this to not interfere with what we have, it does. It is disappointing to say the least. It makes us both anxious for the healing to be over and the return of sexual tensions and the submission it brings.

    Last night my Queen ordered my new(hopefully) long term cage from Lori’s. She ordered a number one. It is a light weight PA device with no ball trap. Within 30 minutes of ordering, Lori emailed her back with specific measuring instructions to get a custom fit and one that cant be removed unless she wants it off. So now the wait for the new cage and the healing.

    Besides the wait for a return to our normal Chasity life style I am looking forward to healing because both my Queen and I are interested to see what intercourse is like with the PA jewelry in place.( 6 gauge open ring style) So I know, unless she changes her mind, that I will get to have intercourse at least one more time this year. If I am allowed to have an orgasm inside her remains to be seen.
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  11. it all sound very very scary to me. i don't like blood very much.
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  12. Not much bleeding...after 3 days it was most done..just used a maxie pad..was no bleeding at all after 5 days..it is a commitment but they are the most secure devices. I just wanted to get rid of ball ring. I popped out all the time running and and working out..PIA
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