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PA piercing is tomorrow!! Yikes!! Yay!!

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Sublifter49, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. So here is sit unlocked because I asked for and was granted free time prior to my PA piercing tomorrow after work. My queen told me I would get one last BJ before she permanently took my manhood. After dinner she called me to the bedroom. I licked her, PIV ed her and fingered her to 3 orgasms. Then she told me she was teasing me and there was no last orgasm or BJ..it was very hard to take...as she sleeps away I'm here drinking whiskey, frustrated and nervous about having a hole poked in my cock so she can lock it up more permanently..
    As always I'm happy and frustrated at the same time!!
    She also told me that if I'm not in bed by 11 I will be wearing granny panties to my piercing appointment..uggg...I believe her!!
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  2. I was pretty scared, but the guy treated it pretty casually so that eased my mind. 10 seconds of hell, 2 weeks of discomfort, 3 more weeks of wondering if it will ever be totally pain free, and then just like that, you'll use it and there is no pain or discomfort. Was worth it.

    Good luck
  3. Wow! Thanks @Nicoftime@Nicoftime
    Female doing mine...been faithly married 31 years..so another chic is gonna touch my junk for the first time in forever!!
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  4. I love my PA my only suggestion is to get it pierced at atleast 10ga 8 would be better the smaller the sharper the jewelry is and the more stretching. I find wearing 6ga or 4ga is the most comfortable and if you are to use with your cage it will work better at 6ga to be the most comfortable.
  5. Good luck, knowing what I know now its worth it!
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  6. My piercer said she can do a 6 gauge from the start so that's the way im gonna go..I've emailed back and forth with lori''s (chasity tubes.com ) and she suggests 6 or 4 gauge to prevent migration..so I'm of the mind set get it all over and heal once..still nervous of course
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  7. ...You will almost be disappointed with how little it hurts compared to what you are now expecting. I was ;) - such an important moment and then "is that all?!?!".
    Congratulations! You'll love it!
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  8. Good luck bud. This will be of interest to me as ball trap devices really arent my friend. Please keep us updated!
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  9. Good luck! Being someone who is also considering this, I am interested in how things go.
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  10. 6 to start? Wow you brace man.
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  11. Well figure it's gonna hurt like a bitch no matter what so get it done! I also have a supply of lidocaine gel (medical grade) gonna fill a condom with it and let it soak for an hour or so before my appointment...hopefully it will take the edge off...
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  12. Clock is ticking..4 hours (approx) to go..already have butterflies..
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  13. Lidocaine?! You cheater!:p Wish I would have thought of that
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  14. @Nicoftime@Nicoftime ill let you know if it helps...my queen has used it when she wants PIV but doesn't want me to enjoy it and it was so numb I could hardly tell I was inside her..
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  15. Well the deed is done...I have a 6 gauge open ring PA. Lidocaine gel worked great. Only uncomfortable part was the tube (sound) she stuck up the urethra to back stop the needle. The lidocaine didn't work as well in the urethra as it did in numbing the meat of penis. My piercer was a rock star! If anyone in Nashville area is getting pierced PM me for her info. She actually made it fun..I'll update the healing begins and the lidocaine wears off.
  16. Glad it went well. Hope the healing goes quickly and that you will be enjoying being locked securely soon. Just take it slowly and once you start trying chastity again make sure that the device does not pull on the piercing.
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  17. Congratulations!!!!!
    Welcome to the PA Cub!
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  18. Morning after and pain free! Very mild stinging sometine when i pee but thats it! I did have one incident of bleeding that was quite a bit..I was out messing around with vechicals and probably should have not been working on things. After getting the bleeding stopped I vacuumed the house without any issues. So hopefully Ill be able to get back to the gym soon without major bleeding.
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  19. See nothing to worry about! Ppl make it into something much more than it actually is.
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  20. Thank you for sharing your experience. I really want to get my naval pierced. Then maybe I'll go for a PA.
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  21. Love the PA idea... share a photo ?
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  22. I wish I had done 6ga to start and the healing goes pretty quick actually. You will like it!
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  23. Added an album with a couple pictures
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  24. Looked at your pictures, seems to have healed well already!

    How does it behave with night time erections?