PA piercing for a chastity device

Discussion in 'Chastity device reviews and discussions' started by wizardpa, Jun 7, 2018.

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    I really believe that the best chastity devices require you to get some type of piercing.
    Don’t cringe! I have actually been pierced 4 times now. All have been a Prince Albert. I only feel a pinch that lasts only a second. After that it does not hurt at all. Now I will say though, the first time I got pieced, I did bleed a lot afterwards. Thank goodness I had access to my wife’s pads.
    I got pierced so that I could wear a Mistress Lori’s chastity device. After about 2 months of being in chastity my wife really did not get into being my keyholder so I quit the chastity thing and ended my piercing.
    About a year later I got pierced again, to give chastity another try. Before I could even present the idea to my wife, I got a staff infection on my ass. I took out my piercing before going to the ER and so that piercing closed up.
    Then one day, I discovered a tattoo place in the city that I live in did PA piercings. Not every piercer does PA piercings. On a whim, I got pierced again. Again, being in chastity fizzled out, because I know my wife really is not into it.
    My wife and I are both in our middle 60’s. Even though we are very much in love, we have not had sex in two years. I on the other hand masturbate every chance I can.
    Recently, I found a fantastic dominatrix that is willing to be my keyholder. After my first session I went and got pierced again, and also ordered a #1 Mistress Lori’s device. She recommends you wait 120 days before wearing your device so that you are fully healed.
    Now this is something I suggest for anyone wanting to get pierced so that you can get an escape proof device. Buy a taper tool for the gauge of your piercing. Why? 6 weeks into my healing, I got a severe stomach ache, that required me to go to the ER. I figured I might need X-rays and such so I took out my piercing. Oh, also buy the special plyers you’ll need to do that. I had them already.
    As soon as I got home I tried and tried to get my jewelry back in. Luckily a piercer close to where I live helped me do this. It cost me $20 for what took 5 seconds. The next day I ordered a taper tool.
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