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PA Injury with Chastity

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by JamesAll10, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Hello,
    Been gone for a little bit letting my PA heal but now that it's healed I've been trying to try my chastity devices with it. Both PA devices cause internally to bleed. Anyone else have this trouble? What were your steps to work up to the device? Pretty bummed as the whole reason I got the PA was to use it for chastity. I was pierced at a 6 gauge.

    Any help or advice would be great.
  2. That makes me not want to go for a pa piercing now
  3. You don't mention anything about your device, how big, what kind, any burrs or abrasions, same size gauge, how long since pierced etc.
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  4. maybe its not healed long enough. Also don't try and stretch it too much, that can split the skin and cause more problems.
  5. Well before I answer the questions.... in regards to lockedup1979... get pierced. It's awesome, zero regrets. Also, it was my first piercing and I also don't have tats. I love it and would do it again in a heart beat.

    Second. Pierced end of April, devices are an evotions wearable custom cage and a metal knockoff with PA. Pierced at a 6 gauge, both pins are 6 gauge, smooth as can be.
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  6. are we talking a little blood or a lot? I guess if its not painful then keep using it. I'm really not sure why it would bleed, the device should be fitted so there is no strain on the PA
  7. Little. Very little blood. The devices are in fact comfortable just strange to get a little blood.
  8. I have heard of people having issues with evotions nylon pin...it seems smooth but ends up irritating and being sore. One ended up asking them to replace the nylon with a steel pin and he still wears it. It don't remember him bleeding but I know it didn't work out.

    The metal knock off one...knock off of what? Is it heavy? Does it put much weight on your piercing?

    You were pierced at 6 and your device is 6. How long since you were pierced from the time cage was attempted. You haven't stretched to a bigger gauge so it's hard to say if you are completely healed.
  9. if these devices are not using a ring around your scrotum for support it could be the device's weight putting some tension on the PA. I would also try wearing some supportive underwear to keep from dangling. I sometimes wear a brand called obviously naked, which works very well when I wear my tube jacket.
  10. Back in 2014, I was pierced in April too and started experimenting with using the piercing for PA security. You should be fine after all this time.

    Is this the first time you've switched out the Jewelry?

    I tried an Evotion Wearables with a very well healed piercing (2ga) and it irritated my skin inside. I'd hope the newer smoother material would do better. But I think it is still porous.

    What's the metal knockoff and where did you get it? I've seen one from DHgate that had a sharp spike of metal on the urethral sound. I threw it out. Very disappointing.

    One really should be careful. They have a high polish for body piercing jewelry for a reason. Ideally it shouldn't be a porous material.

    The Evotion should be incredibly light. But I remember in my MouseTrap, I'd grind against the bedsheets if I wasn't wearing underwear and make myself a bit sore. Never any blood though.

    If the metal knockoff is heavy you want to ensure you're supporting the weight. My GlansArmor is incredibly light and I can sleep naked in it. I'd expect the same for the Evotion price.

    Finally I only felt perfectly comfortable in 4ga. 6ga seemed just on the narrow edge for me. The thicker the less pressure. Same force over larger area.

    Don't give up. Don't tear your piercing!
    I love my PA secured devices and have zero regrets myself.

    Good luck!
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  11. I got pierced in March Peter. I am currently at a 4g and I love it. I agree with you, anything smaller then a 4g isn't the way to go. The larger the pin, the more weight it can handle. I've got a Ms Lori and it is very heavy. Because of the weight, I am now thinking that I want to got to a 2g. Prior to getting pierced, I never would have thought that I could handle a pin that large...now I keep thinking about what a 0g would feel like. .
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  12. April of this year? That is too soon. I waited over a year before I began using it to anchor a chastity device.
  13. I got pierced in January 2017 and it was not until September that I could wear a device. I tihnk some some of the stated healing times are optimistic. So give it more time.

    Second, I always had problems with the evotion plastic pin. After my piercing was a year old and fine with a Lori device I ordered a new eVotion bottom with 4g pin. I got dark colored discharge from my urethra after wearing for a day. Tried a couple times and same result. So, for me, so far, the evotion nylon pin does not work. OK for others, not for me.

    (I ended up gluing in a pin made of a large bent barbell. That worked great. Confirmed it was the nylon, not the device that was causing the problem.)

    So give it more time and maybe you have not found the right device yet.