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Ownership Tattoo Ideas?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Tina's Bitch, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. IMG_5794.JPG Mistress Tina wants me to get a tattoo right above my cage in the pubic area as a sign of my love and commitment to her and as well to show that I am her property. This is one that found. A banner would be added at the bottom with my name "Tina's Bitch".

    Any other ideas for a tattoo?
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  2. This is a terrific idea! What a wonderful commitment consideration.
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  3. I think it is a not so good idea because most people will not be with the same wife or mistress for the rest of their life. If you move on to another Mistress/wife, they are not going to want to stare at someone else's name. It the number one thing not to do when getting a tattoo, but there are always optimist and those who cannot think past their current fetish. I live among 150,000+ seniors and some have tattoos that are inappropriate for their age, are disliked by their new wife or did not hold up well over time.

    However, you are the one who has to live with the consequences, so it is your call. What you might want to do instead is obtain a slave number from the online slave registry and tattoo that number instead of any name or even tattoo it as a bar code. That makes it easier to write over in the future. I think that a simple bar code on the back of the neck or above your pubic area is the way to go if you are sure that you will be with the same person the rest of your life. They are easy to tattoo over but scream that you are owned.

    This is something you need to decide on and not strangers who do not have to live with the consequences and will suggest anything that they fantasize about. What sounds like a good idea now is usually not so good when you are older. Your life, your decision.
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  4. Thanks for your input Vinny. My Mistress/Wife and I have been married for 20 year and love and respect each other more now that I am in chastity, then ever before.

    I am registered with the Slave Registy but the idea of a bar code tattoo does not sit well with my wife. She likes the heart padlock and the flowers.
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  5. Each to their own and you are both certainly mature enough to have thought things through.
    However my normal advice to anyone is do not have names tattooed on although removal or cover-up of small areas is much more doable these days.
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  6. Mistress had me tattooed I'm marked for life and proud

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  7. Mistress Sonia demanded Her simple Ownership tattoo to be always visible. Located on the inside of left wrist.

    Represents: Sonia / slave / links of a chain / infinity

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  8. The only one of my slaves who wanted and got tattooed with my mark, is now married to my ex-girlfriend.

    I'm very happy for the to be both together and well away from me.

    The tattoo on her buttocks was over-tattooed with her mark.

    As some say above, few relationships last forever!

  9. Putting a significant other's name or nick is pretty much NEVER a good idea. I can think of a few edge cases, but seriously, don't put your spouses name in a tat.

    That being said, my Lady is definitely going to have me tattooed one day, but she hasn't announced what it might be yet. Not that it matters, a permanent anklet on my foot and a chastity cage key on her neck seems to send a message anyway, lol.
  10. Love the tattoo idea... I have something similar but I stayed away from my keyholder's name.

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  11. In my opinion if you submit then you submit, if Mistress wants her mark put on her sub then so be it
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  12. Doesn't really do it, it could mean superman or soft cock that is not commitment
  13. Nice
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  14. I am in total accord. If the thought pleases Mistress, I am happy to comply. We've entered into this arrangement together so her interests are in alignment with mine. I'm sure we'd discuss the pros and cons and she'd decide from there.
  15. That's very subtle. Doesn't really say what it is.
  16. image.jpg image.jpg .

    You can always get a tattoo of the Rio Olympics. People may think your an athlete or What does it look like to you?
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  17. a chastity cage -- who knew
  18. L-u-c-y (Partner)

    L-u-c-y (Partner) Chief Goddess
    Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    Oct 20, 2015
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    One of my female slaves has this tattoo (only temporary though :) )

  19. If that's a genuine tattoo then much respect to you. Wow you are so brave. Who's idea was it?
  20. That's a brilliant tattoo. You must be pleased with it.
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  21. I assure you my tat is genuine. Here is a pic of my mistress touching my clit for the last time just enforce I was locked for life. My hairs are growing because I could not shave for a month after having my tat done
  22. It was Mistresses idea
  23. Sorry here is the pic

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  24. Full
    Full respect to you. Did you know the tattooist? What was his reaction when you told them what you wanted?
  25. The tattooist was a mature lady who has her own studio. She is appointment only so there are no walk ins. She was fine with it, she made a few jokes and then just got on with it. It took just over 2 hours
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