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Our new way of LIVING...

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by ABITNUTTY, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. My days since signing our agreement have, for the most part, been positive, and getting better as the time passes. I would say that yesterday was the day that I felt closest to myself. Then I have times like today that have not been the best for me emotionally. This is the first time since our agreement signed and cage in our possession that J has travelled out of town for his job. For a particular reason, we were unable to send him out of town locked into his cage. This has made that whole uneasy feeling quickly flooding back into my brain which I’m sure is very frustrating for J as it is for me.
    Also with this whole process, I’ve been pretty impatient here at the beginning to see and experience many changes. Right now, patience isn’t one of my strong suits. J may wish I would go back to keeping my thoughts and feelings to myself. Well, that did NOT work for me.
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  2. If it concerns you that much you could always get a plastic device with a plastic numbered tag for trips out of town.
  3. We have a plastic device, and could not even get it in because it pinched too much.
    My feelings aren’t because J isn’t caged, I don’t think. I occasionally have trouble keeping my crazy out of sight. She hast to
    pop her little head out and mess up my day!
  4. yeah it shouldn't pinch. Is it pinching when put on or pinching while its on? And what device is it? Yeah chastity can sometimes make people feel emotions a little more strongly. I'm sure a good massage could ease the crazy right out of ya lol. Good luck.
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  5. @Jailed@Jailed...This is the post. I don’t know why you aren’t able to see it and I am. Let’s see how long this will remain visible.
  6. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find things out BEFORE they happened so we could NOT do those things??? I really do have the best intentions in doing what I do, especially since we have entered into this beginning phase of living the chastity life. Still learning.. Still eager to learn.. I’ve read many posts on here, not really knowing fact from fiction. Thought I’d live out a thing or two I’ve read about on here... Turned out some are not really suitable for the newly chaste, which completely STINKS for his beloved KeyHolder!! What’s good for one who is caged...is NOT for another. Blast it all to poop!! -_-
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  7. I hope that it all works out in the future and that You're always and completely satisfied in Your relationship.
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  8. Please don’t fret, ABITNUTTY It’s a process, a journey with many twists and turns. Take your time.
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  9. it certainly can be especially in the beginning. Now is the best time to work out the kinks and bugs, eventually it will be a smooth running machine :)
  10. My timing SUCKS!!!!
  11. What happened Ma'am? Doesn't sound like things went well
  12. Ok. Better now.
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  13. I’m really bad about creating things in my head that aren’t real. That’s all.
  14. Well i'm glad to hear that things were straightened out for You!
  15. It was so nice to read your story @ABITNUTTY@ABITNUTTY !

    How is hubby's sore spots healing up?
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  16. J is much better now, thank goodness! He has been cage-free for over a week now, but that is all about to change. We will then see if the adjustments that are made to the JB do the trick. My patience is in short supply these days. Let’s just say I’m ready to have that cage loaded and LOCKED.
  17. try some coconut oil? that's helped us. I read (somewhere... a blog.) That keeping it lubed twice a day helps chafing. But make sure you don't use a lube that will get tacky as it dries.
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  18. @ABITNUTTY@ABITNUTTY With respect, do remember it is not always the destination but the journey that brings the most pleasures. Way points, rest stops, oral devotions along the way are a KeyHoders prerogative and allows her mind to choose the path which is right for her. Enjoy!
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  19. Nutty you should get him to apply some E45 cream under the ring each night before bed that will nourish the skin and prevent any chaffing there.
  20. This question is directed towards you KeyHolders out there... Think back to the very beginning of your chastity journey... How long into your journey did you see/experience changes in your relationship, and I’m not just talking about sexually or “in the bedroom”?
  21. You won't see any changes in your relationship until you can let go of any "issues" you have created in your head. You need to be confident in your role and know that you are in charge of ALL of it! If you have insecurities you will not see any changes in the relationship. Once you can let go and embrace your power, you will then begin to see changes. This early on you both need to have a lot of open communication and build from that.
  22. I noticed a change in the dynamic pretty quickly. A part of it was we had made a commitment to "change", to be more aware of each other's needs and desires. I wanted to cage Ian, he wanted me to be more extrovert, and that brought us closer. Now both of us are more likely to ask what the other wants rather than saying what we want.

    The sexual dynamic has changed as well of course. I always take the lead now, which has been very liberating. I don't want to be a control freak and rule everything, I have no intention of taking over the credit cards or deciding what car he drives.

    It works for us, and that's all that matters

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  23. It can vary quite a bit depending on the individual.
    With my current man (Local to me, not online) It was me that introduced the concept of male chastity very early on in our relationship so in away there was no actually "change" to our relationship because it started out like that.

    With my first D&S man; we had been together for a couple of years before he introduced it to me.
    In that case I noticed signifigant changes as I was breaking him.
    I actually had no idea about the concept of "breaking" at the time. I sort of stumbled on it by accident.
    In fact I'm not sure it was even a concept ten years ago.
    Anyway it was during that first month of keeping him locked continously and pushing him beyond his comfort zone that the power exchange thing really kicked in. He had lost control.

    How come you're unlocking him when he works away?
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  24. He was unlocked because we were having issues with our cage, and it was sent off to be adjusted. Again, it was all bad timing.
  25. You may find that his tolerance for the cage grows faster if, once he is healed, you wear it for a few hours a day for several days & *then* gradually increase the time. I’m a guitar player & if I go too long w/o playing the calluses on my left fingertips go away; rebuilding them is always a painful chore. I’ve learned over the years that playing for no more than 30 minutes a night will, after about a week, re-callus the fingertips & then I can play for hours, painfree.

    I have noticed a very similar response w/my chastity, so I think that this is really just a way of getting skin to toughen up locally for whatever is neeed.

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