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  1. Deleted member 61107

    I am going to share our journey (my version). I don’t have a lot of spare time so may be short in some areas, but I feel it is worth sharing for those seeking this lifestyle. None of this is made up. I will put this in phases,

    PHASE ONE – THE BACKGROUND – Required to fully appreciate this journey.

    I will start by saying I was in a 5 year relationship (age 19-24) this was before my current relationship. The woman I was with was a belter, hot as, nice rig. This partner had cheated on her ex and was very sexually active. I was/am to but struggled to keep up.

    Anyway, I had a medical condition which was explained as a form of Peyronie's disease, we thought this was from an injury caused through sex, it killed, happened one night (2 years into the relationship). We had a long layoff and it was coming better, so I ignored it until about year after as my penis seemed a bit shorter. Every guy knows their length, I was last around 14.5-15cm and when measuring now I was barely 14cm. I looked online and saw average was 16.5cm (this was year 2003) me being 14cm I started thinking I was small, which I know wasn’t but I didn’t like what had happened.

    I grew some balls and beat embarrassment to visit a Doctor, who didn’t take me seriously, I then saw a plastic surgeon who said I had phymosis. No one really believed I lost size. I wanted to see a urologist but didn’t. Anyway, my partner said to me after this, she noticed I was a lot smaller and we could afford surgery if I wanted. Honestly I never expected this, stayed silent, but over the next few weeks I became very self-conscious about my size. I couldn’t please her like I had been able to. Mostly due to erections not being so hard….

    Long story short – a few months later I found out she was fucking some other guy, a work mate of hers, it had been going on for a few months. It gutted me, but I told her I would forgive her and could be a cuckold. She thought about it but had developed feelings for him so I then said no way. Gutted and left.

    It took time but I really developed a cuckold / sph fetish etc. I didn’t know what a chastity device at this stage.


    It was 2007 and I broke it off with my ex. I had about 18 months between this bust up and my next and current relationship.

    During this time, I worked out a lot, kept fit and met many good people. I had opportunities to be with 15+ women but only took up 5. Largely based on my self confidence based on size, and not getting a real hard erection, I was always horny as hell but lacked the goods.

    One time I went back to a hot chicks house after a night out in the club, she was stunning, anyway I was drunk and I remember it was cold, I was so small, she started sucking but stopped and we slept.

    Next morning I woke up and her friend was in the room, we were both naked and no sheets, she was smirking at me all morning, I know they had been laughing about my dick size and to make matters worse she new my ex. I still have her on my social media accounts….and really it’s a punishment to me, I get off every time she likes something, knowing she saw, weird but that’s the effect its had on me. She is also hot as.

    One other I tried to fuck but couldn’t finish and she couldn’t feel. Dumped me because she thought I was not attracted enough but I feel it was my size.


    We were together about 9 months before first having sex. She had been living interstate. I started by giving her oral at about the 3 month mark, then at 9 months sex, which she didn’t feel. Didn’t move. Was a virgin. Very attractive and I felt again like a failure. She had a guy in her working state who stalked her, he was attractive and always went on about being hung like a horse, a real dickhead but I was so turned on, yet jealous.

    She moved away from him, time went on, one night she told me she could have slept with a real man, him. It made me jealous and I came so quick. I have always enjoyed pleasing more than being pleased. An ex I used to chat to online asked me about him, I didn’t know but she started messaging him and scored his nudes, his thoughts on cuckolding. She sent me screenshots. Him saying he wants to fuck my wife while I watch in a chastity!! I then learnt what these were. I built up courage, and told my now wife. I showed her his pics and she was in awe. She asked me to buy a device. I did (CB) but she was never good at key holding, I always escaped.

    (sorry this is rushed) Can elaborate more if asked. We played on this cuckold fetish, she took a BDSM test and scored SADIST / DEGRADER / VANILLA.

    After 3 years of a sex life that involved boring sex, I had surgery to fix my condition. I then measured at 13cm. 13.5 pushing hard. My current wife loved that I was small and always payed me out. We only had sex about 20 times in 3 years. Then up until year 5 about 10 more times.

    Then came a family and I swear we had sex 5 times in the last 5 years, zero in the last 20 months!!!

    I cum daily, she is vanilla. Anyway last year, in July I was talking online to Findoms, costly and felt bad…her sister cheated on her hubby I then realised I needed to do something. Flashbacks…..her sister was hot and I imagined the pain it caused him….i immediately looked into a good chastity and a mistress. I sought help from one who had been brilliant, she helps to this day, all be it as a confidential type and retired (only has us).


    I started with the holy trainer – moved to custom chastity ghost and now saint with a PA piercing. Yes a piercing, why, because I was escaping. The mistress helped and guided my wife well, I paid her money for sexual comics, advice came and bought clips from her to help us.

    Long story short here but will go in to detail another time.

    Only this week have I commenced permanent chastity, when I say permanent I mean anywhere from 3-50 days. I have the prostate massager, we play games to determine. She has cuckolded me with 4 guys, now has hot ones lined up and I am jealous/envious.

    We started with escorts, not so good, don’t pay out a cuckold. Then a random guy we met on a site, who was great, average sized but good at this.

    Now we are meeting a fit hot guy, met once, he is from the same area that she sed to work and he probably knows the guy who used to stalk her, so it likely he will find out and she may yet get her dream to fuck this other guy in front of me.

    SHE loves denying me, humiliating me, cuckolding me. We have a family and neither ever want to break up, we get along, we love each other but she resents something to do with me and it helps her. She is high maintenance and I know if her friends really new the true woman she is they would be shocked. Though I will never say. She once asked me to say who her hottest friend was…..i did, big mistake, she used a clone a dick we made (mistress gave her idea to do this after long 17 day chastity session) I measured 11cm. With the clone a dick she put it out on our filing cabinet for her friend to see, invited her over, told me if I move the dick I am locked for a month. Anyway at the end of the night her friend saw it, stared at it with eyes widened and looked at me. I was so humiliated. I couldn’t say a thing, not even joke. I am not 11 but fuck!!!

    She once asked if I found her sister attractive and I said she is, but not like her…..this was years ago, well she now tags me and her sister in small dick jokes online and refers to me as pin dick, her sister has no doubt at all I’m small and it’s a huge turn on but also humiliating. My wife is an expert at this, she loves it, her next step is longer chastity and more cuckolding with men who she claims will be extreme.

    I have a feeling the mistress I used/use has told her more than I bargained for. Its been great. I know the next few months/years will be a wild ride. My wife believes it is saving our relationship so I’m happy to go along. It is who we are. She has perfected ruined orgasms, forcing me to learn foot massaging through certification and threatened to make me massage her friends feet, (I don’t have a foot fetish but she threatens me and tells me I will have soon) I haven’t seen her naked unless she is with a dude. I Hate but love this. HER AIM was to cuckold me with that guy from the past, but she found out he is married so stopped with it. Is a huge turn on but, I prefer the other guys. Only been cuckolded 5 times to date, she is looking like finding a good regular soon. WHO SAID Vanilla couldn’t be fun. I honestly want he more now than ever and the thought of sex with her makes me instantly hard. The mistress has been perfect and i owe her more than i could ever repay. I hate the thought she is leaving soon. My wife messages her daily and its been great, coaching etc. Wish we had another lined up, a local Aussie one:)

    Sorry about spelling and English, really rushing this. NEED to keep on top of it and see the value with a support network who also understand the fetish and the reason i don't walk away.
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  2. Deleted member 61107

    So guy we met Friday.....degraded me, she loved it.....
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  3. CuckeldBull

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    Actually a great ending. You have a loving wife that fulfills your fantasies and they can only keep growing. Lucky guy.
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  4. BR_Saiph

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    Every couple must find their own way. The important thing is you love each other and are giving each other what you need.
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