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Other fetishes?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Anonoman, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Just thinking about other posts about what turns people on... anybody have an more 'unusual' fetishes?
    Personally, I go weak at the knees and turn into a dribbling wreck when I see a beautiful woman in a down jacket...

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  2. Thanks for the Picture. That's a very interesting fetish. Mine are all the basic things. Bbsm, spanking, blindfolds, I'm not into diapers or cuckolding
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  3. I have tried all the usual fetishes found on Fetlife. Nothing like yours though. None of my fetishes were object based like high heels, black nylon stockings, etc..
  4. This should be good.
  5. My other fetish is the main reason for wearing a chastity device in the first place. It's genital modification. I started splitting my glans, with my Wife's permission, but she didn't like the result. It turned out she said yes because she didn't feel she had the right to say no, not because she thought it was a good idea. I offered to put on a device to both cover up what I had done and also to help me control the urges I had.

    I was going to completely split my glans and get an ampallang piercing with a central ball to keep the halves pushed apart. I was also looking for somewhere to give me a transcrotal piercing and I was probably going to try and have a full subcision instead.

    To say this all freaked my Wife out would be an understatement. For a few days I honestly thought that she was going to divorce me. Luckily she didn't and then, even more amazingly, she agreed immediately to my idea of being my keyholder. It has been the cause of the most amazing transformation, improving our relationship and helping Elle to be far more confident.
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  6. My other fetish is "hairy; everywhere". Armpits, legs, hands, ..
  7. I love the smooth, soft material and for me the look also accentuates the female body - it's just so feminin! A down jacket/coat is also warm and protecting and I love seeing a woman enjoying beeing out in the cold whilest beeing warm and caressed by the soft material. I bet it feels wonderful over a soft cashmere.
    It does border on a object type fetish but really needs a participant to make it come alive!
  8. Other kinks are quite usual over here: crossdressing, sometimes diapers, light SM (restraints, bondage, CBT...)
  9. When I first read about splitting your glands i did have to google it! How has it changed the feeling and the practicalities of PIV sex?!
  10. It has had no affect on making PIV sex difficult, if anything it has improved it by making my glans wider. After the split it has flared open and this change is accentuated when I am erect. This has made quite a difference to my Wife with regards to how much she feels me when on a very rare occasion she lets me inside. It doesn't make a huge difference to me as I am normally numbed during PIV anyway.

    There is a strange feeling that turns me on when the halves are pushed apart and it has exposed the urethra which is highly sensitive. The largest affect though is on the visual aspect. When I am allowed to have an erection I can see a slit of light through my glans and this reminds me of the adrenaline rush I received when carrying out the mod. It's a fairly extreme mod, much more common is a meatotomy which is where just the underneath of the glans is opened. The fact that it upset my Wife so much affects me deeply and this is the way in which I get humiliated by her, when she berates me for what I have done to myself, ruining my penis.

    The fact is both of us have enjoyed this new aspect of our relationship, with the intensity that my chastity has brought, and wouldn't want to go back, but we wouldn't have discovered it if I hadn't done the modification.
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  11. I'm just into the usual BDSM, degrading, and humiliation stuff.
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  12. I guess the down jacket thing is just a reasonable extension of the usual leather/latex/PVC fetish which I'm into of course (if these still actually count as fetishes these days).
  13. Latex, PVC, Plastic. Anything shiny really. I love pretty much any kind of bondage. I'm really happy with latex bondage. The vacbed is great. If it wasn't for my two young children I would have a fetish room. So the wife and I keep it all packed and hidden in our room. Breath play is another. Fetishes or turn-ons are a great thing to share with your other. Learning about my wife's fetishes is really mind opening. You really never know what a person is into. It's great to have a fetish, but sometimes it should be that and not something you actually act on.
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  14. Speech impediments. Love me a lisp. Go figure.
  15. Mistress B

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    United Kingdom
    I have seen many male fetishes, some common, some quite rare. Your's is a new one. :)
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  16. I like the unusual. So while I love leather, PVC, women with long hair, bondage, strapons, cuckolding I'm always looking for strange and unusual kinks as long as they're safe and without harm.
  17. I'm into nipple clamping. I used to use clothes pins, but they got too tame. Now I'm using small shop clamps I got at the dollar store.
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  18. Crossdressing is the reason i found chastity. :) I dont think my other fetish is unusual, i like everything that i can wear under clothes in public (cock bondage, plugs, anything. Give me tips for this?).
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  19. Drinking my wife's pee every morning is a big turn on for me.
  20. Not everyone will agree with it, but I'm heavily interested in toilet fetish especially. Both urine and scat. My wife is open enough to try. She doesn't get anything out of it, so I don't ask her about it often. I mainly just wait for her to offer. I've cleaned her after using the toilet on numerous occasions, after both peeing and defecating. I regularly drink her pee. And she has shit in my mouth a handful of times. Never quite had the stomach to actually consume it although I do try. I hope to soon be able to be a full time consuming toilet on demand (which I presume will not be often anyway).
  21. There are a surprising following on the Internet if one Googles "down jacket fetish"!

    I also wondered if anybody else here was into this as well as it could be, in the right way, very feminising.

    I wish my wife would let me buy her a nice Moncler or Duvetica jacket :D
  22. Been really intresting to read about others fetishes - it's great to read about real pepole and not just fantasy stuff on the net.
  23. I'm with you
    My ex and I had MMF threesomes and I loved them. I'm not sure if it's a fetish.

    I don't know if wanting to be part of a bi orgy or being split roasted is a fetish, but being split roasted is something I enjoyed and would love to do again.
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  24. Bondage which my wife truly loathes. I have tried hard to get her interested but no dice.

    I learned to LOVE her wearing satin panties and fixated on them so that they are now my daily wear and a frequent part of our sex life and her teases for me.

    Chastity because it is the most D/s thing I can get any enthusiasm from my wife to play.
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  25. I like the shiny coats too, especially the long ones with the hood,
    and the semi transparent vinyl catsuits

    it's probably psychologically related to chastity, as it simulates the smooth skin but touch is denied