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Orgasms should not be rewards?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Lanas Pet, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Lana's sissy pet is curious what opinions are -- she has had a couple of discussions with her Goddess about this. Lana's sissy pet doesn't think an orgasm (silly little sissy squirties is the proper term for me :)) should be given as a reward for good behavior, or as a present on a special holiday. To Lana's sissy pet, that gives her silly little sissy squirties too much importance. Lana's sissy pet believes that when and if she is allowed to make silly little sissy squirties should only depend on her Goddess' whim. Of course, be careful what you wish for...Goddess has come around to her pet's way of thinking, and squirties are not even discussed now :).
  2. It ultimately is up to her. I am easy on my locked guy and he gets an orgasm (or several) every couple of weeks and then locked back up. I find it keeps him even more horny since he knows what he is missing.
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  3. More tease, and much less release (orgasms) have worked wonders for me and my locked guys.

    I found that --if earned-- an orgasm every eight to twelve weeks (always keeping them on their toes, with hope but not knowing when I may actually decide it) is about the right time for a deserved release, and ideal for their best behavior to show. Of course, sometimes that can be postponed and replaced by a harsh morning pegging, a caning if necessary, or more regular foot massages and orgasms for me if I prefer instead!
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  4. My wife and I have gone through 45 years of fetish play following the advice of more experienced people than us. There are two rules we try to follow. The first is to keep our fetish confined to the bedroom so it does not bleed and interfere with our marriage. The second was to never use sex as a currency. We do not do reward based teasing and denial. What I do does not affect when I get to orgasm. However, there are times when my wife is happy with me and will make me orgasm, like it or not. There are always exceptions to rules when two people in love engage in fetish play.
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  5. My wife would prefer that I not have orgasms anymore. It's not necessarily the orgasm itself that she dislikes, but the mess and the moodiness that comes afterward. If it were possible for me to orgasm without all that, then I would probably be having frequent orgasms. But as things are, she would prefer that I learn to live without them.
  6. Whenever I ask for a reward I am reminded that my reward is having the privelidge of serving my mistress.
  7. @Shepherdsflock@Shepherdsflock is on to something quite real. I personally can't stand the mood drops and generally poor attitude of my subs after orgasms... I often need to ignore them for a few days, which makes it worse. Then, after a week or so, they begin to respond more appropriately and that in turn lets me be more willing to play with them... I'd love to hear more from no-orgasm proponents. Perhaps that's what I need to establish in order to get the respectful and submissive behavior I want, which makes me feel sexier and more attentive to them as well...
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  8. I think that orgasms can be used as a rewards successfully. It's all about conditioning. Be good boy, eventually you get orgasm. Be bad boy, you're going to wait for a long time. I think that this kind of reward will work just fine if it's not used too often and too easily.

    Though I'm male, my opinions might be just a little bit biased :)
  9. I'd say ;)
  10. Last month I had an accident during one of our tease sessions, two days later she made me have a full blown orgasm...I think it was punishment not reward.
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  11. This is really impressive to me, and something we've never been able to quite manage - congratulations! Of course, much of ourproblem is my wife is just not dominant by nature, so she'd only be doing it to please me -- and of course stop when she thought i'd had enough. Hand in hand with that is that i probably felt i could complain more, or weasel out of things i didn't really want to do, just because i knew i could. And i could get annoyed when she didn't read my mood well enough -- which of course was totally unfair. Our current arrangement, where Lana's sissy pet serves a professional dominant and my wife gets at least some of the benefits, seems to be working pretty well for us.
  12. The mood drops are not conducive to being a good sub. When my Mistress denies me for two to three weeks I'm more attentive to her needs and more willing to please her. These mood swings or drops is the main reason I wanted her to start locking me up and controlling my orgasm's
  13. My training is designed to make me more subservient and attentive to my girlfriend/Mistress' needs. As a result, I accept that the my orgasm serves this end. Granted, this is new for me.