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Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by sissyjazmine, Jul 22, 2010.

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    Dear Room,

    it's been a while, but my Wife/Goddess and i are visiting this site again! Thanks to all who corresponded with us.

    A recent event took place where my Wife/Goddess let me unlock. She lathered a lot of lanacane(numbing cream) on my penis to numb it. Followed by the standard 2 different makes of condoms, she instructed me to insert into the vibrating vagina we have. i got 2 minutes inside, but with her instructing me to stop on command. i did so as she played with the various levels of vibration.

    now here is our new discovery: after a few minutes of me inserted in the vibrating vagina, i cummed, but barely felt any pleasure. it just came out without me feeling the orgasm sensation.

    Can anyone offer advice or an explanation. we will be visiting this website together really soon.


    sissyjazmine(sissy husband to Goddess4sissyhub)
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