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Orgasm control without chastity

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Ms Monicas sweet boy, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. I am new on here, and not sure which room to post this in, so if I'm wrong will someone please correct me? Where to begin.? I have been in the lifestyle for most of my adult life, but I have recently met the most fantastic Dominant Woman. Before, whenever I met a new Domme online, I couldnt help myself and I would fantasize and pleasure myself, thinking about Her and whatever situation She wanted. It was usually a Dominant that wanted a slave. I've tried to just jump in and be a slave, several times, but it never worked out. There was no emotional connection usually. This time I've met someone that is so special to me, like a dream come true.. Immediately when I started talking to Her, I felt different this time.. She wanted me in chastity very early on when we started talking. I had a Bon4 stainless device that I had been trying to get used to, and I locked myself up for Her.. The device started rusting on the cage and left me with a painful infection.. Anyway, I took it off, and am now on my 19th day of self control, as we are not together in person yet. I knew right away that I never want to disappoint this fantastic, beautiful Goddess. I also never want to lie to Her, so it's been very easy for me to stay orgasm free so far.. I will be locked up soon as we get a suitable device, and She tells me that it will be part of me forever. I look so forward to devoting my life to Her. Instead of laying in my bed fantasizing about Her, and the things She wants to do to me, I instead lay and think of Her awesomeness. I pray to God and give thanks. I am ready to make the final step and surrender to a beautiful, loving, strict Goddess with a beautiful heart and soul. I am ready for a lifetime of obedience to Her loving Female Authority. I think can remain chaste for Her indefinitely without a device... But I look forward to having that option taken from me... It's coming soon, I have no doubt about that. I have waited for this for so long. I never gave up hope, and suddenly She is here,guiding me with Her power from over a thousand miles away. Life is so good!! Thank You God! Thank You Goddess Monica!
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  2. Update- today makes 4 weeks for me. Ms Monica continues to impress me with Her wisdom, as I can not take my mind off of Her. I have not met Her in person yet...but I feel like I have known Her all of my life.. There is something very powerful about Her, and that power She has continues to pull me more and more to Her. It has been surprisingly easy for me to not fail or disappoint Her. Perhaps with Her I would never need to be locked in chastity.. I know though, that She wants me locked where She has the key and total control of my orgasms. She has told me that She wants a FLR level 4, and possibly a Femdom marriage.. I am very hopeful that may someday happen.. All I know for sure I that I am the most fortunate man on Earth, and I will continue to do my best to not disappoint Her...