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Oopsie - how do you delete a pic awaiting approval

Discussion in 'Tech News' started by tomf_22033, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. i just accidentally uploaded a pic that I didn't mean to upload ( it's the last of the three I uploaded)

    It says it's awaiting moderation.

    is there a way to delete a pic awaiting approval?

    If not how does one request that a pic they didn't mean to upload get deleted prior to moderation?
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    Not sure that can be done tbh. However, you currently only have 2 images in one album, so can only presume a mod saw this and deleted it for you.

    In future, one way is to contact a mod - or wait for it to be approved and then delete it yourself. Although the edit window for posts in threads is something like 3 minutes, you can delete images from your albums any time you like. :)
  3. I didn't see an option to contact the mods and didn't want to randomly choose one.
    I also wanted it clear I didn't mean to post an inappropriate pic.

    Anyway, yes they figured it out and I appreciate that. I didn't get any negative comments so that's good too. I guess publically owning up to screwing up helped.

    In any case, they took care of it. So all I can say is thank you to the mod who handled it.