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Online FLR Sources

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by macmagna, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. I am starting this thread so that we can put together a comprehensive list of where to go to actually help people. I would like this thread to be less of what you do, and more of where you go (mostly positive please) I want sites that actually have something to offer to help guide and motivate and support all of us. You can also include book reviews.

    So far my main source is:

    90% of everything I want out of my FLR with my wife is directly due to reading from this site. I like how they break down different levels of a Female Led Relationship (FLR) based on what you want to incorporate (the 5 food groups). There is an easy to follow 10 minute introduction or 60 minute FLR Guide. This site is free, but you have to complete courses to earn rights to certain things like communicating with others on the site. Courses require that you purchase an online book ($20) from amazon and put in a code on their website. For men there are several of these courses that you can take to earn points that reflect how dedicated to the idea of a FLR you are. The forums are very wonky and not organized in a way that makes sense to me, but I'm not on the site for the forum. The FLR Guide information in the sidelines on this site is all the reason you need to spend copious amounts of time on this site.

    If you are a man who has decided to commit more to your woman, this site will explain everything you need to know about how to make her feel valued. One word of warning, if you follow these instructions you will probably fall back in love with your wife. A repercussion of this is probably going to be more sex (seriously put it on a calendar and check for yourself), but you are going to be more sexually frustrated than ever because the first thing you have to do is stop masturbating.

    If you are a woman, this site will explain the benefits, and the steps you will need to take to make your FLR successful at any of the 5 levels. But seriously, if you aren't trying to have a level 3 FLR then you will never see the full benefit of this program. You need to have control over at least your mans free time, chores and sex (no masturbation) if you really want him to pay attention to you like he used to. If you want to control his money and life direction, then, as my wife puts it - If I wanted to be a single mother and make all of the decisions, then I wouldn't need you. But of course to each his/her own.


    This site is now associated with www.aboutflr.com but it is pretty much strictly a forum. To access this forum you must set up a user name and password. It is run by Queen Bee, and to access certain areas of the site you must become a verified woman $50 (explained: This makes it less casual and more serious) or man which costs $75 (there were so many that now her standard coaching fee is charged). Everyone who has done this has said that it is worth while. This service is done via video chat with Queen Bee herself who is a Certified Life Coach. This is a safe place for FLR discussion which is heavily monitored for language and content befitting of a woman to read. Too many grammatical errors or punctuation emogis can get you fined here, so best behavior boys/girls. This is a seriously respectable place. Kink needs to be kept in the Kink forum or you get edited or fined. There are forums dedicated to cooking, cleaning, relationships etc, There is a men only forum where all of the type of topics discussed here at chastity mansion seem to be kept, I haven't spent as much time on this site as I probably should. It has a ton of content, but the subject matter doesn't seem as organized as I would like it. There is even a thread about how difficult it is to find a place to post, if that tells you something. I suggest using the search. The people there are super nice and helpful.

    I haven't spoken directly with Queen Bee myself, but as soon as I got on she introduced herself, asked if I wanted to get verified, and suggested that if I wanted my wife to participate fuller I should ask her to join and speak with her for support. I thought that was super nice of her. She really likes suggesting porn addiction solutions. I don't disagree that porn is addictive, and so is masturbation, which can ruin a relationship.

    I think her forum is a great support supplement, but you aren't going to learn how to set up a FLR here.

    If you are a man this site has lots of forums with ideas about cleaning and cooking and general housework, and a great support from the male community in the men only forum. You will not have access to the women only area.

    If you are a woman there is a great support from this whole site. Men are required to be polite, and respectful. This is a safe place for you to get help from like minded women.
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  2. Allways get a bit wary when people start asking for money which is why CM is good value!

    Xx Wendy
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  3. I have posted this one on another thread, but here is a Chastity Hypnosis link on Youtube.
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  4. There is quite a bit out there on the web. As with most things, some is garbage and some is pretty interesting and helpful. Here are a couple of resources that I think are pretty good...

    The She-Held blog serves as a listing of FLR blog links and other FLR resources -- http://sheheld.blogspot.com/

    Real Women Don't Do Housework is a blog with posts by 4 or 5 female authors on the subject of FLR -- http://rwddh.blogspot.com/
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  5. Been there, done that, read the book. The concepts and parameters of one of the basic foundations of the site, "The Five Food Groups" are far and away too simplistic and restrictive to foster a truly successful and lifelong sustainable FLR. FLR's, just like real life, ebb, flow, and evolve, often in a very non-linear way. FLR often requires thinking and loving outside the box. Establishing new boxes based on the dogma of paid so-called experts is not a sustainable way forward.

    Who taught you how to woo, date, and love your wife? A paid expert, a website and a book? Maybe, but I doubt it. You learned the basics from real life, from observation, emulation, and you built on what you learned and communicated and moved forward, together. Perhaps you sought advice from trusted friends when issues hard for you to understand cropped up. But I do not think you entrusted the future of your relationship to the advice of one source. The same holds true for alternative Lovestyles.
    There is no "one stop shop" that will magically ensure a sustainable FLR. While the free areas of the site can and does offer some generally good basic advice, I highly doubt that following the advice of one guru will lead to long-term sustainable success. Your parameters needs to evolve to fit the needs of your FLR. Blind trust in one or two sources forces the FLR to fit the parameters. Not good!!
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  6. I thought the original post was meant for sharing of sites that give ideas. Not so much of putting a regime down on the formula for a FLR.

    I didn't quite like the structured nature of the one given, but it is a resource that could give someone ideas to bounce around.

    Never too much information, and new and creative thinking are always welcome.
  7. Great advice @LeadingLady@LeadingLady , blaze our own path, and experience as though there are no boundaries to the FLR.... And don't forget that we figured out how to fall in love without help so we don't need anyone or anything to tell us how to live our FLR.... Except that my wife is super vanilla, and moving into all of this slowly... So I need to find ways that I'm unfamiliar with to invite her to experience FLR without intimidating her.

    I find all of this, this sight, and especially you, intriguing and want to include aspects of what you say in this new and exciting direction of my relationship with my wife. I have the "What" but I don not have the "How".

    That's why I read what you write every chance I can. Yes, you have done it all, and you have a great FLR/chastity/cuckold lifestyle... Now help the rest of the users who may want that kind of lifestyle find resources that will help us find that place in our own relationships.

    I appreciate that you don't find www.aboutflr.com to be the best resource. That is why I challenge you to give us a better resource. Even if it is you. I look to you and your writing to fill the empty spaces between where I am and where I want to go. Teach us.

    You are right, there is no one stop for FLR. That is why we need as many good places to look for bits and pieces of this amazing puzzle to assemble within the boundaries of our own lives. I appreciate you. I'm sure that you hear that often from your man. But I appreciate you too. You are amazing.
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  8. Many thanks for your kind words, your encouragement keeps me wanting to share my feelings and I thank you.

    While you may have to wade th
    Thank you for your kind words. They encourage me to keep sharing and helping where I can.
    In regard to sources of information about this lovestyle, in any venue, you will have to sort out the true and viable ideas from the male fapping fantasies.
    Here is a suggestion: This site is a great site from which to get ideas. There is a very broad spectrum of relationship models and methods represented here, from relatively tame to way out there. But that holds true for almost all alternative lifestyle sites. So...Bring her here. Discuss beforehand and forewarn her that she may see things which are somewhat shocking but she will also see things that will resonate with her. Again, the same can be said for most all sites. You, too, should go through this site for ideas. The Search utility here makes things a bit easier. And if you find that certain contributors ideas resonate, you can follow their discussions. You can do this together. You may find other forums that you like. Do the same there. Have her read this message.
    An important thing that she will come away with is that for some it is just fantasy, but for others it is a full time lovestyle. She will see that people like her actually do this.
    Doing this together will offer many opportunities for deep discussions and exchanges of ideas between you.
    My husband is a member here, joined well before I did. He mostly lurks and now he can read my thoughts here. I will probably give away some secrets but thats ok, wouldn't be the first time. It's okay because there will still be things that I will never share publicly. I mean a girl has gotta have some secrets, right?
    I would suggest she have her own account here.
    My husband and I use the Internet as a source of information and ideas. Just a few days ago I got a great idea from here to use on him. Sometimes he will come to me with "Check this out Honey! What do you think about it?" Or I will send him a link to something that I feel might fit us. Somtimes we both look at each other and smile, "Yesss!" Other times it's like "No wayyy!" Other times I will send him something and simply tell him that this is the way it's going to be.

    You might also find power exchange groups in or near your area that hold "munches" or newbie meets. It would be a good thing for you to eventually meet other real life couples into a chastity lovestyle. Some lifestyle clubs and resorts have fetish nights and I have seen couples when one of the partners is in chastity fetish wear. Another thing I am sering more of are personal ads and postings from singles and couples looking for like-minded people to share ideas with. You might luck out and find couples in your area who are into chastity.

    As with any potential interaction or potential meeting, do be careful and exercise due caution when sharing information and planning a meeting.

    You two doing this together from the start is a lovely concept. I see far too many guys here going it solo in the forums and far too few women and couples.
    I hope that some of these ideas resonate with you and you give them a try.
    Happy surfing!
  9. One interesting venue for meeting some real life people is FetLife. As for any website, exercise due caution. Both hubby and I have been members there like...forever. I have met several men, women, couples there, most of whom have kept in touch, a few of whom I have gotten together with. Primarily a fetish lifestyle personals site, also has areas with local meetings and venue information, conferences, seminars, retreats, etc. One striking note is the seriousness and down to earth sincerety of some of the members there. Lots of "real people" there. Some of whom are members here. Used to have a really tight feeling of "community". Still somewhat retains that. Big site now, lots there. Have fun!
  10. As you can probably tell by now, I am a proponent of the personal touch, which is why I prefer an organic approach to finding men to date rather than just hooking up online. Same goes for meeting mentors and like minded people. I have been parsing through my bookmarks and a great place to find real-life "lifestyle" venues, meets, groups etc is findamunch dot com

    More to come as I parse through my bookmarks and address books and sort out live and dead links.
  11. Another idea: You might try searching Tumblr for photo pages with themes such as FLR, Female Led Relationship, Fem-Dom, Mistress, Chastity, Tease and Denial, etc...
    While some pages are kind of hard core and decidedly male-oriented, others are softer with appeal to both genders. Soft photos of men serving, worshipping, and being dominated by women. Both hubby and I find such pages a great source of inspiration. I will sometimes grab a pic and send him with a message like: "I want this!" or "You, me, tonight!" or "This is what you are gonna get for fondling me last night without permission!" When out on a date I will send him a couple of shots of lovers going at it with something like: "This will be Leon and me, later. So wet thinking about it! Can"t wait!" etc...

    Although men are said to be more "visual" than women, she may find the softer images appealing and inspiring. Gee...I guess I am different, but I sometimes find myself getting moist looking at the really hard core stuff and thinking about the possibilities of trying that out on hubby!
    Happy surfing!
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  13. Tha't a good one, but I can't find the next files, any suggestion ?
  14. One that really helped my wife as we started down this path is femdomthinktank.com. I've enjoyed a lot of the down-to-earth writings. My wife struggled finding a site that was informative without being 'over the top' and that one has been her favorite.

    Question... Has anyone read the training guides etc from aboutflr.com? I'm curious on whether they are helpful and have good details on setting up the foundations. We're both very very happy with this lifestyle change, but we both have a lot to learn as well.
  15. Here is another one that she did. It's got a cheesy ending but I really like the lady's voice. I haven't found any more of her work. Maybe you guys can.
  16. did anyone notice that he is wearing ear buds while she is supposedly hypnotizing him
  17. Yeah, I'm not sure what they are used for. They could be stereo earbuds. If you listen as she goes around him the sound goes from left to right, ear to ear. From the description under the video I have found that her name is Miss Rebecca. There is something about the slightly raspy, confident sound of her voice that I find soothing. I ripped the audio from the chastity full induction video. I listen to it when I want to attempt hypnotism. I wish I could find more of her work online.
  18. Love this blog
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