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    Resuming this Friday on September 18th 2009, Chastity Chat will be on the air live on Blogtalk Radio at 11pm EST. The show is about Chastity from different devices to what it is like for both the key holder and wearer. The show is hosted by Locked In Steel, but other chastity devices are discussed on the show. Myself (Enigma) and my wife and keyholder (Jade) will be on the show along with a few other people. This is a live show where you can call in or submit questions live in a chat room like setting or over a call in number. (The call in number, which is a New York City number, will be shown once you log in during the show) This is you change to talk to people with years of experience with 24/7 chastity and everyday life. (I even have a few TSA stories to tell.) Tips, and tricks to the lifestyle are exchanges (except of course how to cheat the belt which isn't possible in my case.)

    The show started last year and there are archive shows listed at the link:

    A free account needs to be created in order to listen to the archives since it is an adult oriented show as you need to enable adult content in your account. There is also an option to add the show as a podcast in iTunes. To enable adult content to view the schedule and past shows do the following:

    1. Create an account on
    2. Go to "My Account" then "Settings"
    3. Expand "My Options" and locate "Safe Search"
    4. Disable the "Safe Search" lock
    5. Return to the shows profile page

    We hope to see you all on the show as we plan to make this a weekly show. The direct link to this Friday's show is here

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