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    Well with our off again on again caging of my "bits"I have been caught in my wife's mistress's web.I bought the CB 2000 4 years ago and it was basiclly done with only play in mind.As time has gone by little by little Ms. Mar has increased my time how long I do not know.It's a rule now where I have to wear the base ring at all times because of the work I do prevents finger rings.I have been out of the cage for about a week.Well she always has a pet peve about boys always scratching and adjusting their balls and even in a deep sleep she will say "Quit playing with yourself! Is that all you boys think about!"
    Well yesterday was my B-Day I was allowed to do what I wanted all day!I did absoultly NOTHING out side of using the TV remote.About 3pm she comes out to the TV room and said are you having a good day babe?I said well that Dominatrix you hired me is to be here about 4 pm do I know her ?Fast forward to 5 pm My mistress(wife) comes out alll dressed up a long black open bottom girdle ,goves ,shoes,even a blck feather mask!!!She made me strip and put a blind fold on and guided me with her crop to where I was to get a bithdat cropping.:Locker:Then it was on for some major teasing tons of oral worship then she lubed me up and played with my major hard on.During this time she extractedinformation and commitments to improving my self and said I have permission to be allowed inside her .I didn't last long and it was over.As I was laying in my uforioa and calmness I was told to get my cage and the Med. Points and install it while she watched.How long this time? i asked? I'll see,It depends on how well you listed and behave and don't ask.For something that started as play has become so much more.She thought that chastity was a game for me which as was at first.Now that we have been out and I have no problems with it she has taken control.Keys?she has them.If I have to take it off I have to ask or break it.I have extra pins.Oh what have I done
    I know this is long but it's like the rabbit and the hare:tortoise: Slow and steady will win the race.:chores007:
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