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On eating one's own semen

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by demale, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Did you enjoy eating other men's semen?
  2. I did, but the position in which it happened had a great influence on the ability, the gag reflex and the joy. Licking big globs of sticky semen from her belly and pussy was really hard. The sperm is warm, hard to lick up, hard to swallow and resulted (with me) in gag reflexes during the first seconds. Lying underneath a dripping pussy is a whole lot easier as it's hard to focus at such a short distance and the majority of the sperm might not even hit your tongue and is swallowed directly. We usually started with her lying down and me cleaning up and after she climaxed she would sit on my face (or hang a little above it). The latter is really easy to do.
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  3. That certainly would be my preferred method. Did you ever lick it from the bull's cock?
  4. Nope. I'm not sure if I could do that.
  5. I can understand. For many cuckolds it means crossing a line that permanently changes their status. I crossed that line decades ago when I became a cocksucker. Were I to become a cuck, it would be the most natural thing in the world for me to drop to my knees and take the bull's cock in my mouth. But not everyone is wired that way, for sure.
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  6. It is hard for me to respond to that. I have no such desires which in no way means that I judge, but as you mention as well: we're all wired differently. I'm done with judging myself or being judged. I respect anyone the way he/she is. I can only share what I have experienced, not what I wished that could or would happen.
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  7. Oh yes, and I am obliged to consume my own mess.

  8. For me it's not an obligation. It's a privilege.
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  9. When BF is under discipline, he must have my permission to ejaculate, which I almost never give. If he ejaculates without permission, he must consume it. When he ejaculates after reach around when I'm pegging him, he has to eat it, too. Sometimes, I'll ask him during sex, especially after I've just released him, just to put the tip of his penis in my vagina when he's about to ejaculate, then clean it up. He does it, even though he doesn't like eating his ejaculate.

    If he ejaculates when he's being disciplined or having a supervised masturbation session in front of my girl friends, I encourage them to tease him about eating his ejaculate.
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  10. I've done it once or twice on my own just to try it. And because I know there is a chance, if/when I get a domme that it might come up
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  11. It is part of my contract my cum cannot be dispersed, I must consume it. It has become part of the process when unlocked that I consume, though usually as a ruined orgasm.
  12. It is used as a tool to get me in a submissive state faster, and well, I think she likes not having a mess after.

    That being said she hasn’t made me do it the past few times, so maybe it’s a passing fancy. I can’t say that is something I would do without being told, but I also am grateful that she wants me to be more submissive sooner.

    I will just continue following @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté lead.
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  13. It shouldn't be a Chance it should be the Norm
  14. WoW she's letting you off the hook. When I am allowed an orgasm I'm not that willing to cunsume my cum but Mistress insists on me cleaning it up. This is a Passing Fancy that I would be willing to let pass. But it's not up to me so time May Tell. Good for you
  15. I'm sure not all women are into that
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  16. I personally don't like to and usually don't have to. It is a turn on for me when I'm horny but like many others I lose any interest in it as soon as I come. If my girlfriend ordered me to I would but she doesn't seem to be very turned on by the act and I'm not going to do it otherwise, so it ends up going in her mouth or getting cleaned up with a towel.

    That being said if I properly ruin an orgasm and am still horny afterward I have started licking it up without being asked. She said she enjoyed seeing me do that so perhaps I just need to train myself better.
  17. Most that are Dominant Keyholders are ,in my opinion anyway
  18. I absolutely hate it post orgasm. The thought beforehand seems like a great idea but after, no. I've been made to do it twice and it was unpleasant.
  19. Opinion is not fact
  20. Same here, the only time it works well is when I do the cum directly into my own mouth routine. The timing doesn't become an issue then until after it's already in your mouth. Of course as I get older getting in that position becomes more difficult.

    My wife has always had an aversion to sperm. In our roughly 20 years together she has never let me cum in her mouth. She has said that when she tried it earlier in life it made her want to barf. The result is she can't watch someone else do it without having that gag reflex kick in. She's made me do it once or twice, but she has to look away while I'm doing it.
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    Maybe you should have said "My Dear Wife, If it the thought makes you barf and you have to look away, I will never mention it or show any interest in it ever again".
  22. I must have been away the day they changed the definition of 'chastity', it's like it's had a frontal lobotomy or something, not that I wish to be controversial. Actually, yes I do.

    Thank the Goddesses and all who follow her that there is a woman as astute as @Mistress Lucy@Mistress Lucy to instil some sanity - and reality, dare I say - into the conversation.

    Can I eat my muesli now?
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  23. In the begining with my wife she could not stomach the taste of cum me its just something I hax gotten use to with my first girl friend who loved to watch me shoot my load on her B cup tits and then lick them clean. My wife also likes likes watching me clean up after myself thats when I'm aloud to cum as of late she has becoe the edging Queen bring mebto the point of only allowing a few drops to drip out. Which she wipes up and puts right on my lips so I can lick right up.
  24. My Bride is the same way about giving oral sex. Never really wants to give oral, and there is no chance of ever cumming in her mouth. And she knows I love it more than anything. However, when we started our FLR a little over a year ago, I told her upfront that I never expected her to put my penis in her mouth again, unless of course, she truly wanted to. Needless to say, my penis just about never enters her mouth, and when it does, it is brief, and considered a very special occasion.
  25. Yes I under