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On eating one's own semen

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by demale, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. As part of our agreement in our female-controlled marriage I am required to eat my own ejaculate after I come. This is a substitute for my former addiction to sucking cock and swallowing every drop. Anybody else do this?
  2. i must lick up my mess after i cum also
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  3. It is not part of our contract, but perhaps it should be added. :) It is, however, what mostly happens. Sometimes Mistress feeds it to me, other times it is part of play, and I'm told to cum in a shot glass and then I have to drink it down. It is a very powerful reminder of my submissiveness. Since I've been locked for the past month I've only been allowed to cum once, and I was required to consume it.
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  4. well i have but i don't has to all the time now.
  5. A must for my slutty Liza
    This makes her so submissive after
    She will become very quite
    and I make sure to have her tell me how good her cum taste
    And how much she needs to taste her cum...
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  6. Sometimes she is adamant about it, sometimes she forgets and I get out of it.

    She thinks I get into subbie mode faster if I do...plus I thinks she just likes not having it drip out on the way to the bathroom lol.
  7. We have never had a contract I've just followed her orders. She has had me consuming my own semen for a few years now on a rare occasion she wouldn't make me but that was very rare. This is one of those acts that shows your submission to your Mistress. She has said that she gave me the priveledge of having an Orgasm the least I could do is Thank Her by cleaning it up. Lately I haven't been consuming it very much because she hasn't allowed me an orgasm. She has had me orally service another man and consume his lately.
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  8. So, do we like the taste?
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  9. Had my only orgasm in the last 4 weeks today, which was during PIV., and wasn't really given permission. She asked me for the first time to go down on her and clean it up as a sort of punishment for cumming without permission. I can't honestly call that punishment, but it is a reminder of my place and my submission to her, and I love it.
  10. I do it as I have to but I really like the taste so a win win really
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  11. When allowed an orgasm ( not often now ) or after being milked Mistress always requires me to consume my mess , she says it keeps me mindful of my submissive status , the taste is something I have got used to with time and now quite like
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  12. That sweet-sour-sticky taste is addictive. I am grateful that my wife permits me to lick cum off my fingers but there is nothing like getting it straight from the spout. My cocksucking days are over (per her edict) but I do miss that throbbing, spurting sensation and the hot cream filling my mouth and dribbling down my chin. I spat it out the first time but quickly realized that it was extremely disrespectful. When a man is willing to bestow his essence, you must do him the honor of swallowing every drop. Eating my own is not quite the same, but it is what I am allowed and I accept that restriction humbly.
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  13. she has a cum dish that I stand in front or her and cum in then drink it down love the look in her eyes as I do it . other times I do have to clean my mess up no matter where it is
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  14. Submission comes naturally to me but my wife makes sure to remind me that she controls me completely. Cum-eating is another way to confirm my requirements to follow orders meekly.
  15. Eating my own cum was never humiliating because I knew she enjoyed watching me do so. . Also showed me i was submissive to her wishes. For many years i have been eating my cum in her presence or whenever i masturbate or whenever i must perform oral sex on a male. I have become addicted to a male's cum.
  16. I never could get enough of that warm cream. Loved getting facials especially. Never got to be a bukkake boy but would have enjoyed it.
  17. I have found that drinking fruit juices, especially pineapple, gives my cum a really nice taste. Coffee gives it a bitter taste. So if it's a punishment and meet to be humiliating then I think it should taste bad. Generally I like doing it but I imagine if I were made to orgasm and then eat it whilst being watched and being belittled then it wouldn't be as nice
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  18. My wife has no interest in watching me. But since she has forbidden me to suck cock and knows how much I love eating cum, she thought it would be a reasonable substitute for me to eat my own. While I do enjoy it, I do miss the thrill of a stranger pumping his load into my mouth.
  19. My wife has required me to eat my cum for the last five years now. It's just part of being milked or given a ruined orgasm. She knows how much I hate it, and she loves making me do it because of that.
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  20. Do you hate being forced to eat it or hate the taste?
  21. I hate the taste, makes me gag. That's why wife loves forcing me to do it. Thank god I only get milked ever four to six weeks now. At one time wife made me do it daily for a month straight. She called it cum trainning
  22. I guess I should consider myself fortunate. My wife knows that I love the taste and is indulging me so that I'm not tempted to become a cocksucket again.
  23. My wife is one of those people with a weak stomach. Just thinking of something gross in her mouth can make her gag and almost vomit. I'd say semen is at the top of that list for her. She has never let me cum in her mouth in our 3 years of courtship and 17 years of marriage. Just discussing me eating my own ejaculate would make her gag. In my pre-chastity days when I would dress up in my sissy clothes I wanted to try it and she wanted none of it. She would sometimes let me masturbate directly into my own mouth, but she would roll over and pretend I wasn't there. A few years back we got to a point where during sex she would tell me she was going to make me clean her out, but would never do it afterwards. I always really wanted to, until I came and then I wanted nothing to do with it.

    Chastity has changed things for us in this regard. She still has not had me consume a full orgasm. What she has done is have me consume post milking and ruined orgasms. Since I'm still highly horny, I'm very much into it. Initially I would ask what to do with my mess and she would say "eat it". However she'd hightail it out of the room so she wouldn't see or hear anything. Recently she has become more and more interested in making sure I stay in a submissive and respectful mindset. She has recognized that this is a tool to assist in that regard and has become more open to it. At the completion of my last ruined orgasm I had caught most everything in my hand, but some had spilled on the sheets. I was kneeling there just sort of quivering and she looked at me and said "what the fuck are you waiting for, eat it". She stayed the whole time and made sure I did. I'm not really sure when (or if) my next full orgasm is coming, but I'm really curious what she'll do.
  24. It sounds like it's part of the natural evolution of a dominant wife. Mine has come to relish her power and as I become more and more submissive, she becomes ever more assertive on the way to her goal of breaking my manhood and neutering me psychologically if not physically.
  25. I can't. After an orgasm it's really impossible to overcome the repulsive feelings. If it's not mine, it creates gag reflexes at first, but the desire and willingness compensate that by far. It always is a funny start however.