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On Display

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mash2214, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. she is so strict!
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  2. ouch! guessing you slept on your front side all night with that? eeeesh.

    ummm .. just a suggestion here .... maybe don't go over 15 hours in July .. unless you secretly like that numbed backside feeling o_O:eek::p:confused:;):)

    I wonder how many steps ahead she is in regards to pushing your buttons with all this stuff .... and planning things out .... she must be a great chess player lol.

    thanks for letting us join in on your journey :)
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  3. Yes @iome343@iome343 she is strict but what you need to understand is I've asked her to be strict with me for a long time. I'm just now since January I'm getting what I've been asking for.
    Interesting comment @bincorona@bincorona about her being ahead of me. I've said this before. my Mistress is a master at using my own mind against me. With regards to her being a chess player I tried to teach her how to play chess years ago, she had no interest in it al all

    I did ask her this morning if we could talk about my internet time and she said we could later tonight. So maybe I can add an amendment to the agreement

    To stay under 15 hours I would have to cut back on the time I spend posting at the Mansion and I don't really want to do that.

    Thanks for taking time out of your busy lives to read and comment on my Journey
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  4. Awww no oral for you? I was hoping for you!
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  5. Wow, I feel without air just reading your adventures on denying and being spanked. Every day I look for your day to day experiencies and they are wonderful. Keep up your reports, we love them.
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  6. Take time to breath. You don't want to die over something someone else is doing. Breath. It's not that exciting I have down days to where al I do is work. Thanks for your comments I'm glad your enjoying my life to
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  7. Glad to have your comments on my humble words. We all have our days when we feel very worn and sorrow and lost. For me your stories illuminate these days, we can feel that a dedication to a loved one can be stronger than our egotic feelings and a caring spanking certainly takes care of these down feelings. Specially impressed by your post spanking feelings of gratitude, certainly well done.
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  8. Well Mash that was certainly a twist on what you were expecting , all day uncaged and thinking about the oral reward you were due to receive only to find out it was replaced with a sound strapping , your mistress certainly knows how to show and keep you in your place , which I feel sure is exactly how you like things to be . Also may I add you have a style and flair for expressing and typing up your experiences which I find great , It always brightens my day to read of your latest exploits , so keep posting its brilliant to hear about happens to you
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  9. Well this post won't be so exciting. Mistress and I came to an agreement on my internet time. She's replacing the 15 hours with 20 hours but the catch is I'm not allowed to go to any porn sites without her permission. I am allowed to go to Chastity Mansion without permission but I'll have to delete a couple other ones.

    I think this will work a lot better at least my backside will thank me. LOL
  10. I try to post what happened how I felt during what ever it is. It's not always easy putting your feelings into words. I'm trying not to be boring like watching a policital debate. Thanks for your comments I enjoy reading them.
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  11. I think you are doing a great job with your posts , keep going
  12. I forgot something. I've tried for years to get Mistress to spank me, so even when she disciplines me I still sort of want it. Even though it hurts like Hell it makes me content and it gives me the feeling that I belong to her. That probably doesn't make any sense to someone that's never liked to be spanked but I have Never Said I' Was Normal
  13. Makes perfect sense to me , I love my mistress giving me discipline even if at times I find it a challenge to take , it shows she cares enough to take time to give me what I need and enjoy , I think we may be on the same page with this , but yes you are right for people not into the concept it is or can be difficult to see what we take from it
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  14. Makes sense to me also. Who commands what is normal? I sure agree that a good spanking from the loved one is a thrill, expecting it it is almost like expecting a huge cumming.
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  15. The paths intersected this morning. I'm sure everyone that has there property locked or wear panties under their cloths have had an experience where real life and our kinky life have intersected. This morning was one of those days

    For those of you that don't know I live on a very private acerage about 45 minutes out side of a city, where my wife has her business. I wash her car every morning before I make her breakfast, than we have a little fun and we carry on with our days. I wash her car in the Nude with only my cage to cover me.

    This morning I got everything ready as usuall I backed her car out of the garage and pulled it up in front of the deck, like I do every morning. The difference today was when I got out of the car I noticed someone had drove into the yard with out me noticing or without my perimeter alarm going off. ( dogs can be your best friend but he wasn't today) I was standing beside the car with my back to the vehicle totally exposed, I grabbed my cage and ran around to the back of the house like I was a teenager getting caught making out with his girlfriend. I was in the back door and had put some pants on when I heard the door bell ring. I froze not wanting to answer it. I even thought about pretending like no one was home but new that wouldn't work. The door bell rang again as Mistress came out of the bedroom with only a towel on and looked at me and said " go answer the Door " I wanted to say I couldn't.

    I opened the door and was met by a very happy lady that had a big smile on her face. She looked me right in the eye and said. " I had heard rumours that you washed her car in the Nude, I never thought it would be so Colourful" I'm sure she was referring to the brushes and welts on my well spanked bum. I don't think she saw my cage but with the shiny steel and the bright sun light I couldn't be sure and I wasn't going to ask " by the way what exactly did you see?" Mistress came to the door with a coverup on and released me from a very uncomfortable situation.

    She invited her to have breakfast with us. I was sure that this lady had already had breakfast and this might make her late for work but she said " I would Love to have breakfast with you". As I prepared breakfast for them they sat down at the table and talked. It appears that this lady whom I've never met before has an interesting part time business. Now get This. She does home lingerie party's and Mistress is planning to have one here. When I heard this I was releaved, at least she wasn't Mrs Snow White Vanilla. Being into lingerie she was to be at least a little bit kinky. As they talked about the plans for this party that will be next Friday her eyes never seemed to leave my crotch or backside, I was thankful that my cage was holding me secure or my erection would have caused yet another embarrassing situation. It did seem kind of odd to me when she said she wanted to stop by and check where the party was going to be ahead of time,and not calling ahead first. Or maybe she did and Mistress just conveniently forgot to tell me.

    The ladies talked for quite awhile before she finally left. As she walked out the door she said " See you next Friday, we're going to have lots of fun." I went to the kitchen to clean up and couldn't stop thinking about what she had seen of me what part if any ill get to play in this lingerie party.
  16. Wow your journey is certainly taking some great new twists and turns .

    I wish I lived near you and I'd love (along with many others on here I guess) to volunteer to ,if nothing else, be friends with the lovely Carla (would hope for more obviously) .
    She sounds wonderful and I hope she finds someone soon .

    Thanks for continuing posting your journey mate ,
    It's a great read and agreed wow what a journey your on :)
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  17. Sounds like you will be "on display" to a few more ladies!
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  18. A Lingerie party ! Now honestly no matter what part my Mistress allows me to have In it how can that be wrong? This won't be your Playboy model kind of show but I've seen some nice hot 40 and 50 years old women. It's going to be an interesting evening no matter what.
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  19. This Friday were having a gathering of people over. This will be a clothing ON kind of gathering, with mostly my Wife's clients and business associates attending. I asked her if Carla was coming and she said she hadn't planned on Inviting her. Why? I told her I would like to invite Dave over at the same time because I think him and Carla could be good for each other. Mistress kind of Chuckled and said " Are you becoming the New Ashley Madison, go ahead and invite them, I'm OK with that ".

    Dave is a friend who I've know for about 5 years. His wife passed away from Cancer 2 years ago. He has 2 teenage daughters that are fantastic young ladies. I think him and Carla could be good together so a plan is under way.
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  20. Wednesday night massage. I prepared for my massage as normal not knowing if Terrie or Carla would be coming through the door. I was glad when Terrie entered the room it had been a. Couple weeks since I had last seen her and it wasn't the most intimate experience especially for her. She was Nude when she entered the room and the dim light reflected off her curves perfectly the sight of her naked body caused my cage to tighten instantly. As I felt the bars pressing against my manhood I wanted the cage off so bad. Since Mistress had allowed me the day unlocked on Sunday being locked up again without an Orgasm was not a desirable experience.

    Terrie climbed up onto the table and layed on her back and said. " I'd like you to do my front first If that's Ok with You? " I was in heaven just looking at her firm breasts just inches away I responded quietly "Yes Ma'am " her breasts felt even better than they looked as I massaged her chest and upper shoulders. My cage was irritating me with its tightness. Terrie just closed her eyes and relaxed as I worked my way down to her abs and hips, small signs excaped her lips as my hands massaged every part of her lovely body.

    I moved around to the foot of the table to work on her feet and legs. As I started to rub her feet she parted her legs even more giving me a clear view of her moist flower with its lips just slightly parted. My own moisture was causing my panties to get wet as my discomfort increased. I moved up her legs to massage her thighs and gently allowed my fingers to caress her womanhood.

    "No" was her response "Don't touch me there". What. Are you kidding me I thought as I moved my hands back to her hips. How dare you lay there all heated up and wet and denie me to even touch you, I wanted so bad to say something but all that excaped my lips was " I'm sorry Ma'am" I finished massaging her front while avoiding her pubic area and her wetness. I moved to the head of the table.

    Terrie turned over onto her back as I say a large wet spot in the middle of the table. She was enjoying teasing me, but why did she have to do it know I thought when I wanted so bad to be released from my cage. I massaged her back to the best of my ability avoiding the area between her cheeks. I again moved to the foot of the table to massage the back of her thighs and calfs. Again I worked the stresses from her muscles as best as I could. My cage had started to get more comfortable when her words shocked me "Lick my Ass". My cage again tightened. I looked at her tight little backside and the thought of spanking her entered my mind but I resisted knowing that I would deffinetly pay dearly if I did.

    I spread her cheeks with my hands and lowered my lips to her tight little hole. I rimmed her for what seemed like a very long time as she was moaning beneath me. Finally she told me to Stop. I returned to the head of the table as Terrie got off the table and left without even touching me. I stood there for a few minutes untill I heard her leave the house. I felt like I'd been used, normally I would have been delighted to be used in this way but this time it was different. The massage didn't give me the pleasure that I thought it would. Something was missing
  21. The Friday night gathering which was uneventful with regards to anything exciting happening. It was a lot of people I've never meet or hardly know enjoying a very vanilla evening the only bright side was the Carla and Dave both came and spent a lot of time talking. I was never close enough to tell what they were talking about but when Carla was lleaving she came to me and said " Thank You" I simply responded by saying "Thank You for what ".

    She looked at me with a big smile on her face and said " you know what " than kissed me on the cheek and whent home.

    Mistress than came up to me and said " So how did it go Ashley?, let's go to bed "
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  22. This morning being Saturday both Mistress and I had the day. We slept in till 8:00 than I got up to make some coffee. I took Mistress a cup of coffee in bed as she sat up and enjoyed her coffee while checking out what's new on Facebook. I went out onto the deck to enjoy my coffee as the morning sun warmed my naked body.

    Mistress joined me a short while later only she wasn't completely naked she had put on a strap on harness with a medium sized dildo protruding from it. She stood in front of me and said. " Why don't you go in and clean yourself and bring some lube, when you come back". She than sat down in the chair with the dildo sticking up like the hardon it was suppose to represent.

    I returned after following her directions. She looked at me and handed me her coffee cup. I went and refilled her coffee, when I handed her her coffee she didn't say Thank You. She said " Suck my cock" I immediately got on my knees in front of her and took her cock deep into my mouth, moving up and down its shaft sucking it and licking the head of it. I continued to suck her cock doing my best to please my Mistress. She placed her hand on the back of my head and gently pushed my head down and said " Deep throat me you little Slut " my cage tightened even more than it already was as droplets of my passion dripped onto the deck. I relaxed my throat as best I could and tried to take her cock all the way. I was unsuccessful as I withdrew my mouth and tried again. Her cock slid all the way down my throat untill my lips contacted the fake testicals. "Ah Yes "Mistress moaned "that's a good little cock sucker" again I withdrew my mouth and immediately took it all the way to the testicals. Over and over I slid ths cock deep into my throat as Mistress was fingering her pussy moaning "Yes,Yes,Yes" she pushed her hips forward as she reached her Orgasm. I took the cock deep into my throat as her hips rose off the chair, my own cock was trying desperately to break the steel bars that were holding it tight, it's passion making a puddle on the deck. I withdrew my mouth as Mistress relaxed into the chair and ran her fingers threw my hair and said "Your Turn"

    She had me stand and bend over a chair as she took a large amount of lube and worked it into my pleasure hole, one, two than three fingers penetrated into me stretching me prep alarming me for her cock. She worked her fingers I and out of me preparing me. She removed her fingers I was ready for what was to come. The head of her Cock touched my pleasure hole and slowly slid in, effortlessly without any pain or discomfort. I could feel the the cock slowly sliding into me little by little untill her hips contacted my cheeks, she had totally penetrated me with no discomfort. I was ready, I wanted so bad to be serviced to be pegged by my Mistress. She slid almost out of me and pushed her hips forward pushing her cock deep inside me. Over and over again she penetrated me, it was now my turn to moan and moan I did as her as her cock pounded me stimulating me. The pleasure continued I was going to have my release. I pushed my hips back trying to get every inch of the cock deep inside me I kept pushing back but the cock wasn't pushing back she was slowly withdrawing from me. No I silently begged to my self don't stop now. But the cock had been removed. I was brought to the edge but she didn't take me over. I relaxed and looked down at my own cock straining to be released from its cage. Wanting to have a release that wasn't going to happen.

    I looked over my shoulder as Mistress was walking into the house her cock shimmering in the morning light.
  23. awesome , cant think of a better way to start the day ,
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  24. Almost perfect, so close but yet still so far away.
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  25. Sunday after noon Mistress and I were just sitting on the deck enjoying the sunshine when she asked me "Is there something bothering you? Something you would like to talk about? " her question had kind of surprised me not only that she had asked it but also that she had noticed that I wasn't myself. I had been feeling kind of down for a few days but thought I had been doing a very good job of covering up what I was feeling. Evidently I wasn't doing that good of a job.

    I simply answered " No Mistress, there's nothing bothering me." What I wanted to say was yes I really want an Orgasm. Also I wanted to say that I'm feeling like she had forgotten about my Birthday in less than two weeks. Turning 55 to me has always been one of the important ones. She hadn't said anything about it or asked me anything about what I might want. I was feeling like I wasn't being appreciated. This was what I wanted to say but I said Nothing

    Mistress asked me again " Your sure nothing is bothering you ?"

    It was on the tip of my tongue but I just couldn't say what I was thinking and answered "No Ma'am, nothing is bothering me"

    She just sat there and looked at me saying nothing for a few minutes untill she said "Ok than, go and clean your bum and meet me down stairs"

    I did as instructed, not really knowing what she was planning as I walked down the stairs. As I reached the basement I was met by Her holding wrist and ankle cuffs and a but plug. " Bend over" she demanded. She inserted the Plug with more force than I wanted but the pain was tolerable. She than cuffed my hands together and my feet, and attached a rope to the ring in the hand cuffs and hoisted me up untill I was almost standing on my tip toes. Than she secured the rope. I was strung up securely totally at her mercy and under her control. She than pulled my panties down to my ankles and removed my cage. I was totally exposed and vulnerable but still my penise betrayed me and started to get erect.

    Mistress than grabbed her property and said " This will go soft shortly. You will be disciplined every hour untill I go to bed, do you understand? "
    Yes Mistress I responded, than she applied a ball gag and a blind fold and went upstairs. I Stood in silence waiting for her to return, knowing what would happen when she did. I waited for a long time untill I heard her walking down the stairs, when she reached the bottom she stopped and said nothing. The next sound I heard was the strap contacting my backside. 15 times the strap contacted me causing me to whimper and moan, it wasn't just the pain Mistress cared about me and how I was feeling.

    My arms ached and my legs ached as I waited for Mistress to come down the stairs, 15-20 strokes were applied each time. As I heard her walk up the stairs each time I silently pleaded for her to stay but to no avail. She repeated the strapping as she said she would every hour and her property had become soft like she said it would. She came down the stairs again and her property didn't even attempt to get excited it was small and soft. The strapping gave me no Excitment and almost no pain I was her servant happy and content as she untied me and said " Clean up and come to bed " my arms ached as I lowered them and my whole body was thankful that is was free.

    As Mistress walked up the stairs I said a quite "Thank You " I looked at the clock and it was 10:15 pm, I had come down stairs at 1:55. I was very sore but Happy.
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