Oh My!!!

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    This is a story, that I wrote in the morning of a dream I had that night. It woke from a sleep, at 3:00 AM, soo horny I was. I woke the Mistress/Wife with my commotion and started to tell her about the dream and then told her this story. She had many orgasms, and let me even enter her. I use Oral-gel, and three condoms. Couldn't feel a thing but performed to her satisfaction. I couldn't sleep afterwards, so I got up and wrote this from recall. Friday was a very long day. I hope you enjoy as much as we did. Missy Tanya

    Oh My!!!

    Here I sit, in my chair, my mind, somewhere else

    Sitting with the members, of the company, around the large office table

    Someone's presenting something, I don't know, my mind isn't here

    Then it happens, I have a text, I know it's her, her special signal

    I glance at the message, under the desk

    No phones, during meetings, She know this

    I need to check, answer her, if questioned

    I want u!!

    I know what this means

    Now my mind is racing, not with what is needed, but with what I will be needed for

    Then again, it's buzzing

    7:00 PM

    I know not to be late. She wouldn't like that

    Then I realize that they are all looking at me

    How long? Was I asked a question? They're expecting an answer

    I say, sounds good guys, lets get to work on it

    Hoping that's the right answer, my mind wasn't there, but with her

    They all rise, smiles all around, I guess it was the right answer

    My secretary enters the room, oh my!

    Her look, the way she dresses, the way she moves, her scent

    My Mistress did this to me. She had me hired her, just to torment me

    She knew I couldn't do anything about it, locked in this steel belt

    Another way she teases me, controls me

    The secretary asks me again, will there be anything else, Mr......

    Her lips, soo soft, soo full, perfect pink lipstick, oh my!

    Her voice says, sex, her smell, sexy, I am hard as my steel belt will allow

    Um, Um, That will be all for the day

    I tell her I need to leave a little early and do some shopping

    I wait till she leaves the room, partly to watch her walk out

    And I don't want her to see me trying to stand up in this condition

    I stop at one of our favorite stores

    Buy her something special, Then some nice brandy

    I arrive at my Mistress's door just before 7:00

    I stand there thinking of what will happen tonight

    I have been good, haven't I?

    Will tonight be the night I get released????

    Oh my!!, it's been soooooo long

    Finally the watch says seven, and I ring the bell

    Seems too long, where is she, she knew I was coming

    She is standing just on the other side of the door, thinking?

    What is he thinking? What dose he thinks will happen? What will I let happen?

    Then she opens the door, dressed to the nines, make-up done as going out on the town

    Oh my!! The scent

    She's wearing the same perfume, as my secretaries

    She should know it, she made me give it to my secretary as a gift

    I cast my eye's down, hope she didn't notice my staring

    She did, and she let me stand there, thoughts racing in my head

    Finally, she said, you may enter

    I follow her into her home, her heels clicking on the floor in front of me

    She sets. I stand waiting her orders

    She tells me to remove my clothing

    I do, slowly as she watches every move

    I fold each item and put them into the box

    When down to my steel belt, I lock the box with my clothing inside

    I will not need them again, till I leave

    Standing, eyes down, hands behind my back and crossed

    She motions me to her side, I kneel down too show her, how pleased I am to see her

    I kiss her feet, Oh sooo pretty, in those high heels, with red nails

    She finally welcomes me to her presents

    I offer her the brandy

    She tells me to go server her, a nice big glass

    She doesn't want to be interrupted with refills

    When I return to her, she is setting on the fainting couch, looking soooo sexy, oh my!

    I hand her the drink, she takes a sip, she seems pleased with it

    I standing by her side, she rises, slowly removes her blouse and skirt

    Her breasts are overflowing, the garter and stockings match, no panties, oh my!!!!!!!

    She sets down ever so slowly, lays back and takes another sip of her brandy

    I offer her the other present I have brought her

    Two cigars, her favorite brand, smooth, mellow, and just the right sizes around

    She smiles

    I know I have pleased her again

    She takes them from my hand, sets one down on the desk

    The other she wraps her red lips around its shaft

    She wets the end with her tongue, and sucks on it like a cock

    I see her cheeks going in and out

    I wish it was my shaft, it's been soooooooo long

    I am hard as my steel cage will allow, and she knows this

    She asks me for a light, slowly puffing, oh my!, I could cum right now

    After it is lite to her satisfaction, she lays back and draws in a few drags

    I see the cigar as my cock, being sucked my her oh my!!

    Then she raises and spreads her legs, I know what is expected of me

    I knee down between her legs, oh the smell, she's already dripping

    Slowly I start, kissing the lips of her sex, ever so gently

    She enjoying her smoke and sipping on the brandy, leaving lipstick prints all over

    If I only knew what she was thinking

    She's dreaming of a lover, with a large thick cock

    Thinking how wonderful his cock would feel right now

    I can see her getting excited

    I know she is ready for more

    I reach down to lick her juices

    Their running down her backside

    She purrs, I continue licking her back there

    Once it is good and lube, I slip a finger inside her backside

    Oh my!, She says

    I know I am doing well

    I continue licking her, kissing her, sucking on her, fingering her

    Her sex is leaking, I loving it

    I am as hard as I can get, this damm belt

    Have I told you before, It's been sooooooooo long

    I don't dare ask again, you and only you will decide, if and when the belt will be removed

    I did once, all soooooooooo long ago, asked, never again will I make that mistake

    The smoke and brandy have done its job

    Gave her that buzz, that will push her over the edge

    Oh yes, Oh yes, yes, yesssss.....

    I have found the spot, another finger in the backside, thumb rubbing her button

    That's it, right there, Yes....... YEs........

    She grabs a hand full of my hair, guiding me, pushing me, too just the right place

    OOOOOOeeeeeee, YES......... YES......... OOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Her hand holds my head where it belongs, my tongue and fingers never stopping

    Then she lets go of my head, I know to ease up

    I give her a minute and start gently cleaning her with my tongue

    Then I put kisses down there, at the heart of my desire

    She takes one last puff, and finishes her drink

    She then takes the other cigar that I brought her

    She starts rubbing it all over her sex, sliding it inside her, coating it with her juices

    She then puts it back inside the tube, I know that one will be for me later, to remember her smell

    She rises, takes my hand, and walks me up the stairs

    Oh my!!! Her back side, swaying side to side

    Doses she know what's she's doing to me

    Of course, all part of the plan, she always knows what she doing to me, at every minute

    We enter the room

    I am blindfolded, collared, and told to get on the table

    I know what's next, I will not be getting the orgasm I wanted sooooo badly

    She will use me

    She will milk me

    She will make me squeal

    She locks the collar to the table, locks my hands into the cuffs which are bolted to the table

    I draw my knees by my side, so exposed, just the way she wants

    I cannot see anything, but my other senses are on overtime

    I smell her, feel her, hear her

    She gathering the necessary items, she will need

    I feel the plate slide between my legs, this is to collect all of my milk

    Then the gloves, she always snaps then on

    I always jump

    Then the lube, I hear it squishing out of the tube

    Where is she, what is she going to do, with what, my mind is racing, Oh My!

    Finally the cool lube touches my backside, I jump again

    She lets out a little laugh. She is loving it

    Ever soooo slowly, she lubes me up back there

    I moan, she stops, I quite down, she continues

    I need to know this is for her pleasure, not mine

    One finger, two fingers, oh my!

    When will she stop, I hope not?

    Oh My! She has found it, my pleasure button, "my prostate", Oh My............

    Now three fingers are massaging my button, OH MY........OH MY........

    I know Im dripping on the plate, can't see it, or feel it, but swear I can hear it??

    I start moaning again, this time she allows it

    She wants me to orgasm, not cum, but orgasm from anal stimulations

    Oh Yes, that's the spot, OH My Yesssssss.........

    I don't even realize that she has slipped her hole hand inside

    She starts stroking, clenching, OH MY.....................

    I sound like a bitch in heat, howling at the moon

    Then it happens, I ORGASM, just from anal

    She slowly removes her hand, oh my! oh my.........

    She releases me from the table, sets me in the chair, locks wrist, ankles, and collar

    Then removes the blindfold, my eyes adjust to the light

    She standing in front of me, holding the collection plate

    I know what is next, Clean it up, but something different

    The sex-coated cigar is laying in the middle of my milk

    She slowly rolls it around the plate, with one painted finger, coating the cigar completely

    Then carefully, she picks it up and slides it back into the carrying tube

    I know that she will make me smoke it in front of her, at some important event

    Only her and I knowing what that special aroma is

    She then holds up the plate for me to clean

    Once cleaned to her satisfaction, she blindfolds me again and shuts off the light

    Leaving me to my thoughts,

    She's in the shower, I can hear, I swear I can see her playing with herself again

    Shortly she returns and releases the restrains

    Bends me over too clean up the mess, with my tongue, that I have leaked, onto the chair

    Then leads me into the shower

    Attaches my wrist to the overhead bar and leaves the blindfold on

    Releases the lock, removes the belt, cleans her property, and shaves it baby smooth

    Then re-locks the belt on, as quick as it came off

    Again I didn't get to see it, feel it, it has been soooooooooooooo long.........................

    She releases me and leaves the room

    After I dry and then clean up the rooms

    I enter her room and stand by her bed, head down, hands behind back, awaiting orders

    To sleep with her, sleep at the foot of her bed, or sleep in the cage??

    She sipping her brandy and writing in the Book

    Hope I was good, bad marks, make long-lasting marks, on my backside

    She tells me that it's her turn again

    Get "Dick" ready

    I go to the special drawer and strap-on "Dick" over the steel belt

    Only "Dick" has had the pleasure of penetrating her sex lately, Oh my!

    I return to her side, with "Dick" proudly aroused

    She says, you know the rules, oral first, then penetration, then oral clean up

    This is the rule, even for me, if I would ever be allowed to cum inside her

    I go down on her, this time she doesn't need much

    I am told to fuck her

    "Dick" enters her, Oh My, I miss this soooo much

    Her head is back under the pillow, I know she dreaming about someone

    She telling me to go harder, deeper, faster

    Then yes, yes,, Yesssssss YEssssssss

    I dare not stop, Im sooo hard again, locked in my steel prison

    Her legs wrap around me, squeezing me, locking me inside her

    She comes, and comes, and comes

    Then pushes me away

    Opens her legs

    I know what is expected, oral clean up

    After Im done

    She speaks. Would my slave like to sleep with his wife tonight?

    I didn't have to think about it, Yes Mistress It would be an honor,

    OK this time you may, NO Snoring, or else!!!
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    OMG...Missy Tanya, this was SOOO HOTTT! Dollyanne has cage marks all over her swollen clitty from reading this! Sooo erotic! What a powerful and sexy Mistress you have! What sweet torments! "Oh my" is right! Dollyanne needs a cold shower!

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    my my oh my tanya thats to drip for.:sex023:
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    Thanks You Both!!!!

    Oh My Dollyanne, Im soo glad to make you suffer for a change. After reading your stories I was the one suffering. Nice to switch the tide :character0180: for a change.

    And Dear Susie, what can I say. Your welcome and please get the mop :chores020: an clean that mess up Now!!. I had to do that for MM, shes got her hands full and couldn't deal with you right now. You know Im being silly don't you. lol

    Thanks for the kind praises, I need it at times. I sure wish I would have spent more time in English classes than out back trying to get in girls panties :act081:, little did they know I want their panties for me :happy0158:

    Thank You so much, Missy Tanya
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    Yes Dear i know where did everyone get this mop thing ??:sex020::party-062:
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