Offer: My-Steel Male Belt (Komfort Model)

Discussion in 'For sale/wanted' started by Evgeny, Aug 10, 2018 at 7:49 PM.

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    I offer my My-Steel male belt. It is the “Komfort” model which does not have the additional lock in the crotch region. It has the ergonomic waist band. It is tailored to sit just above the hip bone.

    The “travel system” allows separation of the hip and crotch bands, this makes it easier to store away and also to replace one of the parts without needing a whole new belt.

    The penis tube is the one with 35 mm diameter and an open end. This means that urine does not have to go through an additional layer of perforated metal.


    - Outer circumference of the hip band: 83 cm
    - From the lock though the crotch back to the hip band: 60 cm
    - From the lock to the top of the penis: 11 cm
    - From the back of the hip band to the anus: 22 cm

    There are two keys included.

    The belt was made early 2018. I paid 814 EUR for it. I am not sure how much I can ask for, so I just put 600 EUR into the room and I am happy to bargain!

    Additionally I offer a KitchenSafe (paid 50 EUR).

    I would prefer payment via SEPA transfer or cash-on-delivery. I would ship with DHL from Germany.

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