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Nude Beach visit in chastity

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by redbottomboy, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. France has never been at the top of our list but who knows. Thanks
  2. I've been to nude beaches in chastity. My former Mistress loved to have people see who was in charge
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  3. In our younger days my wife and our girlfriend visited nude beaches on vacation. You see all sorts of things so I do not think it will be a big deal. I am sure some will take a look but nudist tend to be very liberal and accepting people. We were not into chastity back then but my butt had a few welts on it from a caning the night before. No one asked about it and I did not pay any attention to whether anyone was looking or not. Forgot all about it in fact. I never got an erection at a nude beach and if we were into chastity back then I doubt that I would have been locked up at the beach. No need for it so why bother. We tend to be more interested in orgasm denial. The cage is a prop and source of stimulation to me.

    Give it a try. On nude beaches we are asked to swing and swap a few times. Guys gave me the thumbs up while their wives and girlfriends gave us the stink eye. Go for it. Put a lease on it for added fun. Bet you get people asking questions.
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  5. We hit the beach today and she proceeded to go topless and uncage me. We saw another couple fucking and she told me i could fuck her doggie style for 3 minutes and immediately go back into the cage and neither whine or ask for sex, Or take a chance she wont be too tired tonight. Like a kid on Christmas morning i wanted it now. She even kept track of the time and challenged me to cum. Time up, pull out, and kissed her ass. 2 vehicles came by and 1 sort of crept and watched. Few minutes later she had me lockes. At one point she flirted with a couple that wanted to swap and whispered that we could not since i was caged with no key. Nude beach high island texas
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  6. Left the beach picture off

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  7. I had the same thought today to be caged or not caged but after reading all your wonderful posts I think as long as there's no kids around and you're not making a nuisance of yourself if you and your keyholder a comfortable with you cage and nude on the beach I think it would be fine to do so I can't wait to find a nude beach near us
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  8. I received two presents today. New Mistress caged me and is taking me to a nude beach in a couple days. Super excited
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  9. What beach
  10. Friend of mine witnessed funny scene when a couple was asked to leave nude beach or remove chastity belt, as it was considered as a something what cover parts of body which should not be covered :)
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  11. Hi all, I'm new here
    I have been in and out of chastity over the past few years, partly with my wife being the key holder, partly by my own doing (I feel it makes me a better husband)
    I go to nude beaches all the time wearing my cage and have never had anything said to me
    yes I get alot of looks by passes by but thats about it.
    the first time I wore it to the beach I was a bit unsure and hid it a bit but within 20 minutes I had forgotten it was on
    I was stopped by a couple a few months ago and they were interested as to why and what i was wearing but after explaining it to them they were fine, more interested than anything
    be proud and wear it, show it off, show the people at the beach that you are devoted to your key holder
  12. yesterday at the nudist beach

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  13. I find that very hard to believe that a little bit of plastic or steel would make someone have to leave the beach. That's a strick nude beach maybe they should ask people to leave that have more than 10% of their body tattooed. It's a strange world we live in
  14. Good for you be proud of who you are. As long as it doesn't effect your working on business life. You wouldn't want to lose your Job over your lifestyle
  15. there not many folks there.
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