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Nude Beach Chastity

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by dfs495, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. However can you tell whether or not they are photoshops?
  2. 6828702id3.jpg

    Original picture
  3. Would love to see another boy's locked cock while I'm locked as well.

  4. very nice!!! I'd love to see my wife/KH wearing the key on a charm bracelet or something similar!
  5. Yes, I have seen people in chastity at nude beaches and nudist events...

    Particularly, there was a fellow at the Lupin Naturist Lodge for yeeeeears who would wear various devices. For a little while there were a few guys at Red White and Blue beach in Santa Cruz also.

    RWB was lovely in that it was also a campground, so my Burning Man friends and I would stage a monthly event there and "take over" - those times, we built whole outdoor dungeons and there were SEVERAL guys locked in chastity wandering around the nude beach... but also guys in tutus, girls in bodypaint, etc.

    . . .

    Here in San Francisco there is a traditionally nude beach that I used to bring my chastity submissive to. Women are always very curious about his device. Frankly, having a chastity at a nudist event weirds out some of the hardcore naturists... but acts just like a "babe magnet" when you are there with your keyholder.

    It seems like every woman there had to come check out his locked-up package. Of course, I enjoy being obvious, so there was bikini-top tan lines involved, bondage and tent stakes a few times, etc... so really chastity is about the most vanilla thing I do besides sunbathe at the beach right below the GG Bridge. It is San Francisco, we just get photos and applause. :)
  6. ... or used to, anyway.

    If there are any other nudist chastity folks nearby I would love to renew those games now that the good weather is returning. I'm currently single. :)
  7. Wife and I are going to Hedonism2 end of April. We have debated if I should wear the cage in public there at the beach or not.
  8. this sounds and looks great beingnaked and caged infront of so many other people im going to show this to my wife kh hope she likes the idea too
  9. Personally I think the photo could be improved if she had haircut. Just my personal taste. (no pun intended)
  10. Sea Mountain Resort in Desert Hot Springs, CA .... pretty much anything goes, anywhere, anytime ..... Mistress displayed me in my Jail Bird
  11. Hedo II is ok, but my wife and I have much prefer Desire Resort in Riviera Maya. Next time we go I definitely hope to be locked.
  12. I'm not aware of any real nude (with locked chastity) beaches. However, there are several Photoshop/photocaptioners on Tumblr who are working with that idea.

    Chastity Fantasies of an Obsessive Compulsive blog by PtahUK pretty much pioneered the concept of captions about chastity beaches. He's not very prolific (updating maybe twice a month - at most), but his work is quite good, and he's been at it for quite a while. He also does a lot of work with chastity clubs, too.

    Chastity Beach and Other Fantasies, as the name suggests, is predominantly about nude resorts with mandatory male chastity (originally just a beach resort, but its recently expanded to a lakeside facility). The author's big on using vintage photography (include some from actual nude resorts) to convey the idea that they've been there for decades.

    Chaste Bob's Orgasm Denial Journey is also a big fan of Chastity Beach - its a theme he keeps returning to over and over again
  13. I've been to a nude beach once on our honeymoon . It was long before my chastity days though . I just wore a bikini speedo and my wife wore a skimping bikini that covered all the naughty bits. The majority of the people that were nude probably should have kept their cloths on but no judgement from me lol we had a good time and had a lot of swingers I'm assuming ask us to get naked but we didn't . I'd go back locked up but probably still wear the speedo. It would definitely help with the hard on problem I had last time lol

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