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Not a Joke! Serious Emergency.

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Joshers2005, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Hahaha!

    Yes, is it feeling better. Sadly, I still wake up to a stinging pain when I get an erection in the newly adjusted cage. I am not sure if there should be much pain when having an erection, are they supposed to hurt like hell? Maybe this could be the reason why the head escaped from the end overnight.
  2. Using pliers, I adjusted the 58mm cage to make it 45mm!


    Words can not explain how excited I am!

    I am going to give it a try tonight or tomorrow!
  3. An easy fix in my opinion. Put a towel over the bars on the end and then use pliers to make the bars closer together. The tower prevents scratching or rough spots on the metal. I have done this with several of my knockoff devices
  4. Just did that and it worked well! As you see in the photo, I also customized the size using pliers as well. It is shortened to a size of 6mm less than 52mm, which is my flaccid undersize. This showed me something important that will now give me NO CHOICE but to get a custom device or else deal with painful and constant pressure that I will have to find ways to fix it...as I think I am at the end of the frustrating storm; I can clearly see top culprit and it has to do with.....gap size! Why? Here's why:

    I am definitely 82mm flaccid in length to from tip to the body and 52mm from tip to the sack underneath. 30mm is a large amount of space that must be bridged in my opinion and part of that process is gap size. I am now wearing the the correct sized cage and the correct ring and I am locked while fully flaccid.

    Tell me if I am wrong here, but...

    • I believe that there is NO knock-off device that has the ability to get the end of the base-ring to reach the end of the body without a 15mm space.
    • I feel that 30mm is a long reach and only the Jail Bird from MM has the ability to provide the correct gap size I need of 24mm. This sucks balls!
    • The reason there is high pressure has to do with the fact that the extra gap of free-skin is where the cock-bone hides inside the body, so when I get erect, it gets fatter which causes the cage to slide up without a tight belt. TA DA!!!
    This also clearly explains why this emergency issue of the head getting stuck occurred! There was too much pressure and the head couldn't take it anymore.

    If I am wrong, I still feel that the culprit has been found and the solution is now available. As of now, I am wearing a tight belt and a proper sized cage that is 6mm shorter than the penis itself and I can also see that when I sit or lye in a certain position, the tip of the penis can let go of the end bars. I am not sure how to fix this or why it is happening. I want to fix this, but how?
  5. Missed the start of this thread but surprised that no one suggested just sitting in a bath of really cold water, the blood flow reduces and everything then shrinks.
  6. copious amounts of olive oil
  7. giggle, when my first cage split and broked i try to glue it and that what my Mistress sayed when i had finish cos all the glue had gone everwher and the cage was all cover in it and my hands as well.
  8. Okay, so I created a 4-string BDSM strap belt that holds the Base-Ring in place to my body. What did I discovered next? Oh my, the ring is supposed to move up and down with the shaft a bit!!!!! When I got semi-erect, a totally different type off bulge still from the muscles and bones of the penis expanded behind the ring and boy did it hurt like hell. Poor blood circulation; I couldn't keep it on for more than 3 minutes before the penis turned darker and darker. From now on, I am calling that strap..........The flying purple people eater! Hahaha

    Well, I am learning new things...whether it is the head of the penis getting stuck outside the bars...or the penile tissue being pinched in the back when the ring is forced to stay fit to the body. I am getting closer to my journey. The belt is fine without the BDSM strap but the weight of the stainless steel makes my penis leave the end bars by 3mm when fully flaccid as the device tends to dip down a bit without the "purple people eater" strap and just the chain support belt.

    Honestly, I feel that there is nothing I can do to stop this issue. I feel must either switch to light-weight plastic like the Holy Trainer and CB6000 or suck it up. When standing up, the penis never leaves the end bars, it is only when I lay down in bed or bend my body when sitting down like I am doing now. Any idea to fix this? I need some help.
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