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Not a Joke! Serious Emergency.

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Joshers2005, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Glad to read you are ok and I think the image should go up as a reminder to be careful for we get only one penis.
    If the head of the penis slipped out once should you just go with an inclosed design for the head.
  2. With no bars in front -- too much space to allow the penis to work past -- Once reason I purchased the cage in my avatar. I was worried something like that might happen
  3. Here is the same exact device that I have at home but with a different end. Is this what you are talking about??


    My only concern is the fact that the hole is so small and the urethra could be blocked when peeing without thinking to adjust the penis.

    Do you have any other ideas that you could give me a link to that would be just as good? I would appreciate it a lot.
  4. Joshers you can use a short urethral insert with models like that. An insert would insure that nothing gets blocked :)
  5. Sometimes it lines up on my model
    Other times sit and pee it does spray
    Just depends on how much time you have - it not really a big issue -,I have learned to just deal with it -
    Mine didn't come with urethral insert
  6. I would rather have the jailbird's end from mature metal but under $200. It has a much larger hole but not too small.

    Is there a way somebody could keep watch as I keep looking? I am almost broke so I might have to sell a couple of things to get another $25 eBay gift card. Wish me luck.
  7. I think I would try small bolt cutters and be careful cutting
  8. I'm happy to read you got out! Maybe indeed try to find something enclosed. It looks dangerous
  9. I am keeping the 58mm cage I have now (same cage in the iPhone snapshot I posted way above but with the dangerously wide opening instead of the closed ending) as the open-grooved sides no longer bothers me when I focus on other things. I can make the ending something like this with proper tools and methods:
    Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 12.20.40 AM.jpg

    It won't be stainless steel, but it will be a strong enough wire rope to stop the penis from working past the end. If anybody has better methods, let me know as I do not want to waste even more money. I do not see any good devices from eBay and others sites with an ending like the contender, which I cannot get as I am at the end of my budget now (those 2 cages were the last draw - I said that in a previous thread) and I even had to steal $40 from a bank account that is not meant for personal expenses.
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  10. Good news you got out. I have a cage with that type of end on, I bought it because I thought it would be easier to pee in. When I put it on for the first time I used the stocking method and I ended up pulling a good chunk of my glans through the slot, not all of it so it went back with some poking and prodding. I thought it would be OK then, but your experience is a warning that it might not be. That cage should be retired, or I could silver solder a couple of short cross bars on.
  11. Thanks peterf

    How Funny! That is exactly what I am doing! I already am in the process of taking off the small end bar pieces from the destroyed cage and I am thinking of JB welding them in and supporting them with another type of glue that is not toxic. Any ideas? I may make a new thread on it.
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  12. The saga continues of finding the perfect cage. It's nice when you have the skills and talent to make slight modifications to something to make it closer to perfect. $25-50 does t seem like much to pay for something that your going to wear most of the time. Personally to spend $100 on a different cage is more fulfilling to me than going out for supper or buying new cloths. But that's me. Finding the right cage and fit is so Very Important if you plan on being Lockedup for long periods of time. Good Luck finding Your perfect cage. Who ever said this would be Easy
  13. Yes, the saga continues, and it is not easy. The good thing is that I now know the right measurements of my body, so there is no more complaining that the previous one was too short/long/wide...ect. I do have a nice back-up cage for during the day when I am alone. As off now, it's a training device to see if I am comfortable with the enclosed end version of this cage. Here are 3 pics of it...duct tape fixes everything they say.

    IMG_0771.jpg IMG_0774.jpg IMG_0772.jpg

    If I do not feel comfortable with the size of the pee-hole, I have the ability to take half of the tape off and increase the hole size. I will keep you updated.

    By the way, the swelling is gone and my head is fine now.

    As you take a look at my adjustments I made, there is one more question I have to ask: Should the entire base-ring including the bottom stay fit to the body when locked-up, when both fully flaccid or erect...or is it normal for the base-ring to slide up the shaft just a bit (1/4 way up the shaft) to make space for the growth behind the sack when erect? Remember, I am a big grower as I grow double my flaccid size 3" -> 6" and part of your penis is inside your body which can come out.
  14. Mornin..
    I know I'm catching this after the averted calamity.. So for future adventure.. had anybody suggested ice n whiskey?
    Ice for shrinking the man down..
    Whiskey for calming the man down..
    Jyst thinkin out loud..
  15. Nope. I don't do whiskey.

    On the other hand, the JB Weld is working great so far. I like the fact that there is still a wide opening for my urethra because the extra bars are welded over and not under or inside the other bars. I will keep you posted with some updates as the week goes through.
  16. I hate to even get you started, but I had a similar problem (not nearly as bad) with a cage with the same end.

    My solution was to take a piece of cloth and use a pliant to bend the bars closer. Cloth is so you don't mark or scratch the cage.

    This worked perfectly, way too narrow for it to squeeze out, and large enough to pee through.

    Get rid of the tape, I can see nothing but problems having that near your penis constantly.
  17. I agree with @Nicoftime@Nicoftime the tape may work for a short period of time but your looking for trouble. Squeezing the bars together could work. What I did on my steel cages was add a bar in. ( I have photos posted) if your handy with your hands and have a Dremel or something like that you can make a bar fit almost perfectly. You can also get glues for everything know a days.
  18. Yes I noticed that the tape felt very bothersome so I removed it. I actually welded up bar over with JB Weld. The gray epoxy is nowhere in the middle or the inside where my penis is pressed upon. The bond is very well, it feels fine with my penis so far, and it does make the cage shorter like the tape did. Let's hope that things work out.
  19. •I meant to say it doesn't make the cage shorter like the tape did.

    BTW- If I do have some epoxy stuck in the inside of the end rods, do you think it is toxic to the skin?
  20. Here are photos of the cage with the JB Weld Epoxy Glue. Strong as heck and I see no issue besides maybe sanding down some of the epoxy in the middle although I might make it more rough and I do now know if you can polish it.

    IMG_0777.jpg IMG_0778.jpg IMG_0776.jpg

    No more issues with the penis head getting stuck and injured. :)

    Looking at the 2nd photo of the inside, you can see what I mean by my flaccid penis acting the same way. It only hits the extra 2 rods when semi-erect, and this makes thing easier.
  21. Joshers, you've made a complete pigs ear of that thing.
    Now do please stop fiddling with it.
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  22. It is not a mess at all in my belief. The outside looks messed up as I had to weld it on thicker than the bars themselves. I am done playing around with it because I am satisfied with what I have.

    I also discovered something else, which might bring me to closer the answer on why all of my devices keep sliding 20-30mm up my shaft when erect with no snug belt on:

    With the 45mm ring on while fully flaccid (which is nicely fit/snug behind my sack with no dipping/slipping without a belt...very good), I still get that 12mm long space between the ring and my body. It is the same space I have had with all of my past cages...but I went back to the My Devices section and noticed other users who have a similar gap of space behind the ring, but definitely 8mm shorter than mine. When I wear the way too large 50mm ring and hold it in place by a snug belt, the device seems to be the closest I will ever get to custom fit in my opinion. On the other hand, with the 45mm ring in place, the device as a whole is 1mm shorter than my flaccid length, which is a-okay but could be a bit shorter. I wear the 45mm ring with the belt and the space behind the ring is now only 1-2mm long as I see in all the photos of other member's cages in the My Devices section. So.....I will listen to all of you, leave things alone, wear the 45mm ring with the belt so it doesn't slide up at all, and finally, let it adjust to my body.

    Have a great day.
  23. I just want to let you know that I have spent my remaining $10 of Ebay gift-card money on 45mm cage with an enclosed end (65mm total). I still have my substitute cage with the JB Weld.

    I had a 42mm cage before and I said it was too short by 17mm but I am going to suck it up and see if 14-12mm less than my flaccid size is still too short. Back then, I think I measured everything incorrectly. This cage is free of charge and I think 3mm can make a big difference...right?
  24. I posted this on my other forum thread but I wanted to share it here:


    The only thing I did was take the JB Weld off and pinch the end a bit. Now this penis is even smaller? Good thing I am getting the 45mm cage in the mail.
    There could be a chance that I was never flaccid in the cage..was I semi-flaccid the whole time? I am starting to see that it is important to have the cage 6mm smaller than the flaccid than the penis. If I am 82mm and the cage is 81mm, than this will happen.
  25. I'm sorry, but that penis deserves freedom. All I can think of is:

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