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Not a Joke! Serious Emergency.

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Joshers2005, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Hello, I need some serious help ASAP! I am about to call the urinary care soon if I do not get a reply. The head of my penis is stuck outside the end of the new 60mm cage that I bought a day ago. It happened overnight and I woke up to sore pain. It is the longest I ever wore a cage.

    What do I do?

  2. I forgot to mention that I live alone and I have no roommate or mistress. I am try to find ways to cut the cage while my penis is inside.
  3. Emergency room or fire department? Your choice!
  4. Chill the fuck out and lube that puppy up more than you can imagine and slide it back.
    That's what I'd try before freakin out.
    Relax, be calm. See what you can do.
  5. Think about how malleable your flaccid penis is. It got thru, so it can get back unless you're having edema (which I can't really tell).
    Don't go running to emerg without giving it a go, eh.
  6. Good luck. Hope it turns out ok.
  7. Hospital or firefighter but this will need some tools
  8. I pulled it out hard as I could and it came out....but not in a comfortable way. My penis hurts like hell, a horrible burning and pulsing. I can feel the blood circulation.
  9. Atta guy. I wouldn't have really suggested "pulling as hard as ( you could)," but at least it's out. Keep an eye on it as o2 starved body parts can show damage/be painful as hell after a time.
  10. Thanks to the help of pliers, a hacksaw, and wire cutters. The cage is now gone but my penis is saved. I am never wearing that cage again.
  11. Josh you should try following Steve O s advice and squeeze and massage it back through.
    And relax you'll be just fine.

    By the way, this design with a slot on the end of the cage is fairly recent and I was wondering just how long it was going to be before someone reported this exact thing.
  12. Hey! That is my other cage I am trying to adjust to during the day! Oh no. See this:

    Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 2.25.25 AM.jpg

    Sorry for another penis photo....as this one is not of an emergency.

    I feel it could be the home-made chain belt providing pressure to keep the entire cage fit to my body.

    Tell me, is it supposed to move up and down a bit during the day as I get semi-erect?
  13. OMG!

    This could actually become a very important thread for people looking at buying these sorts of devices. Both results look horrific! I'm so glad I'm in a Holy Trainer!
  14. I'm

    I'm sorry Josh I only just noticed your IM plea for help. Unfortunately the software doesn't seem to like my phone :-(
    I see you're signed out now. I hope you're ok?
  15. I am bearing the pain as it feels like somebody cut my penis with a knife or even better, like as if I wrapped dental floss around it. I am not leaving these types of cages and I can wear it during the day when I am aware. Like I said before, the result happened overnight when I was sleeping.
  16. Well, one thing I can tell you is that these steel cages tend to dip down even with a tight base ring as they are not light like bio-resin. That is the reason why I made a nice belt but I now notice that as I am letting my body adjust to a cage that best fits my length, the base ring often likes to both push and hug my sack hard with a high psi level while the cages pushes into the middle of my penis when fully erect. It is as if my fully erect penis is pushing the cage out far is I am a huge grower. Hey.... I actually think that is what is causing these issues. Mmmm.
  17. Personally I would give any cage a rest for a while and allow time for your penis to return to normal.
  18. It is unlikely although not impossible that you have done any serious long-term harm. The penis is a very vascular organ, it has numerous blood vessels and a good blood supply, making it quite resistant to cutting off circulation. From the colour in your original photo it doesn't look as though the bloody supply's been cut off - things tend to go blue, black or chalk white when that happens. I'd guess the pain you're feeling is from the extraction process and probably bruising where the cage was forced against the penis - it will probably settle down quite quickly.

    That said I would not recommend this design of cage for exactly the reason you've just experienced, I consider them unsafe. Better a design that encloses the penis head completely (either bars all round or solid metal), so that there is no way an accident like this could happen.

    It's just not worth taking that sort of risk when it's so easily avoided.
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  19. can you take a photo from the underside of the head of the penis
  20. if that was me I would try and use a hacksaw junior and work from the underside.
  21. Good advice. Ice it until numb then grease it up real well and try to remove it via a rocking motion. I would not pull straight back, but rather try to back out a small amount of tissue little at a time.
  22. Well, I noticed that the glands and head are back to the normal color of my body flesh, which is good. The underside of my penis looks like normal; it is the sides and top that look very swollen, so I still want to give my penis a rest. The 60mm enclosed cage is now in the dumpster (that is the 2nd one I purchased) as I had to use the hacksaw in order to pull my penis head out. Therefore, the 58mm cage is all I have. I am going to give it a try with no belt in 3-4 days and see what happens. I have a feeling that it was the chain belt I made that caused the entire head to slip through those end bars. When I had the 42mm version of that exact cage, the base ring would always slide up my erect penis (more than halfway up - almost 3/4 of the way up to be exact), so the head did not look like I does in the second photo I took (post #15). When going back to flaccid shortly after, the cage didn't come back down with the penis, causing it to slip out of the 42mm cage unless I made a belt. If I did make a belt two months ago, I fully guarantee you that I would experience this same exact issue of anxiety and very high pain I came across today. So...without a belt, I feel that the 58mm cage will not cause my head to pop outside the end-bars but more likely cause the base-ring to once again slide up my shaft (not sure how high) causing the device to once again put high pressure on my shaft. I feel that this is also just as harmful as it does make the shaft very sore.

    All in all, I still enjoy these types of cages and I found out that the 58mm cage with the open design has the right length to fit my flaccid penis well. I actually measured things many times in a row with the right measuring tools. The entire device is 81mm, which is 1mm shorter than my flaccid size of 82mm. I still feel that a metal cage of 55-58mm is the best I am going to get. The end is not the best for me.
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