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None slip ring (spiked)

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Chastity Boy 73, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Great idea or not?

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  2. i don't like them very much. :(
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  3. My experience with spikes or spiked rings is that they are OK for short durations like having sex but not for long term wear. I know it sounds good but in reality you will end up taking them off after the initial excitement wears off. I had spikes and used a them a few times during sex but my wife is not into having me cry out in pain during sex. I feel that I wasted my money buying them.
  4. Agreeing with @Vinny@Vinny. Spike are great for very short periods of time ONLY as of time there will wear and rub themselves thru the skin which results in a very nasty injury., speaking from experience.
  5. I have never worn spikes and my Mistress has no interest in trying them and neither do I. The risk of injury doesn't seem to be worth it
  6. yes that's rigt.
  7. They have metal cages with 6 to 10 self adjusting screws . They are called cone point screws and they will not pierce your dick . They can be uncomfortable the more they dig into your flesh. If you get one Do not keep the screw that rubs against your sac unless it is flush with cage otherwise the part that sticks up will cut into your sac. Trust me I know. If it becomes uncomfortable just back the screws out a bit or remove them for awhile. If you want to convert it to cause pain, then you can buy Nail Point grub screws- These will dig into your flesh and cause pain and much more The safety factor is you can remove the cage without tearing up your dick. Basically it is a Kali's teeth turned into a chastity cage. Trust me ! There are several different points to try. These will not be found in a hardware store. These are machine screws and must be ordered online. Not very expensive. You only need 1 inch or so in length. I bought my cage for under 30 dollars and free shipping- Nope, not from 22754-1504247123-907c4eb33d7360b7f5531d82b2a1dde3.jpg dhgate Only problem you will have is sizing the screws . Not that hard to figure out.
  8. I'm very into these as an idea but I think practically I'll never do it. My KH and I would be very sad if it ended up cutting my cock and I had to be out of my cage for 2 weeks to heal.

    Still thinking about getting some Kail's Teeth for play, though.
  9. Yes I have used that on some of my locked ones
  10. The sharp points can be filed down