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No PIV leads to permanent chastity

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by harddenial, Oct 14, 2017.


Opinion: Does no PIV inevitably lead to permanent chastity??

  1. Yes (no PIV applies to us)

    16 vote(s)
  2. No (no PIV applies to us)

    7 vote(s)
  3. Yes (but this doesn't apply to us)

    5 vote(s)
  4. No (but this doesn't apply to us)

    8 vote(s)
  1. There have been several strings recently discussing long-term or permanent chastity (interpreted as always locked apart from for cleaning, airport security etc). One thing that often emerges with those for whom this is true is that their wife/KH doesn't want/need penetration any more. Does no PIV sex inevitably result in permanent chastity?

    What do you think?
  2. I wouldn't say it is inevitable for every couple, but that's where it went for us. My wife hates PIV and keeping me permanently chaste is a dream come true for her.
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  3. I would say in most cases it does lead to permanent chastity. One variation would be if the wife doesn't want her hubby's cock inside her but does want intercourse so she cuckolds him while he remains caged.
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  4. My wife hasn't been interested in intercourse for many years. Having been in panties for all that time, chastity was actually my suggestion. It reflected my position, but I've never felt like one lead to the other. She hasn't decided yet if it is permanent, but no discussion about it. My cage is feeling a little tight as I contemplate such a thought. We are now a month and a half into full time.
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  5. Does your wife prefer oral sex? Mine certainly does.
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  6. We introduced a chastity cage into our sex life 10 years ago. Up to that point she always thought that piv was proper sex and oral was only occasional. As i got denied more and more i gave her oral instead which she enjoyed more and more until she realized that she had much better orgasms especially as i spent more time and effort as i was bring denied. Then a couple of years ago she basically indicated that piv was no longer required or desired.
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  7. No more PiV does not have to mean anything else at all or even that permanently.

    As regards the move to permanent chastity would you prefer your partner... tell you it had begun OR let you work it out for yourself.
    having discussed that either of you have considered it would you prefer your partner... tell you it had begun OR let you work it out for yourself.
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  8. My wife and I have concluded that oral is much better for her and anal (mine) for me. The penis has become irrelevant and, frankly, an annoyance.
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  9. Agreed and an interesting question. For us it is "work it out for yourself" Here is the "two and two" I've put together: back in April she said that piv might be back if she feels she is missing out. So last week i asked her and she said that was just a passing thought and to pay no attention. She hasn 't allowed me an orgasm since March. She told me she wants increasingly long sessions of pussyworship..
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  10. I think things do work out over time. Sometimes one realizes that one doesn't really want what's been assumed to be the normal sexual situation. Consulting with my wife helps greatly there.
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  11. my Mistress lets me do that but not the other thing
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  12. I voted "yes", but I'm not sure permanent is quite the right concept.

    Isn't permanent just the extreme end of the "chaste by default spectrum". I mean regular chastity is "When will she release you?" whereas this flavour of chastity is more, "How long can she get away without releasing you?"

    But I agree with the broad thrust. If she (or he) is not using your penis, then there's a momentum toward permanent chastity even if you don't reach quite that state.
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  13. Just a question? If you decide that PIV is important to you and your wife says no, is it ok to say fine and get your needs met else where. Is it cheating if she has no more use for you?
  14. I have a large bag of popcorn warmed up for this one! :)
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  15. Yep! In a FLR it certainly is for me. It's not for me to say how other couples want to work it out.
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  16. I would say that the circumstances matter. In my case, I am forbidden to have sex with my wife because of my multiple past infidelities with dozens of women and hundreds of men (mostly cocksucking but a fair amount of submissive anal). She has the option of cuckolding me if she cares to. Under our agreement I would be cheating were I to have sex with anyone else. She would not be cheating if she fucks other men, which I fully expect she will. I would say that if your wife is denying you sex for a different reason, then you are free to find satisfaction elsewhere but I would discuss this with her first.
  17. You pose a good question, but I didn't vote because I think permanent isn't realistic. I am 49 and my wife 45. Provided I live another 30 years will I still be doing this? Will it still be in the same form we practice today? Life in general and relationships specifically are dynamic and prone to unexpected change. If you asked 19 year old me if I would be doing what I'm doing now, I'd say no way.

    That being said I am starting to come to peace with the idea that PIV orgasms are a thing on the past, for now. The last one was in July and my wife has made it known that she doesn't like me after I have a full orgasm. In some ways I'm happy about this. I have enjoyed every orgasm I have had, but I feel such a let down for days after and it takes me weeks to get my submissive high back. While I don't think it's permanent, I do think it's unlikely anything will happen anytime soon.
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  18. It's good that you're realistic about the prospects. The high I get from being completely submissive is much better than any orgasm.
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  19. As for the question, I think it depends on your relationship. I have seen people here that the wife thoroughly enjoys sex with him, and wouldn’t give that up. Others really enjoy it but doesn’t mind giving it up for long periods. Others don’t like it in the fir place.

    In my circumstance I think it leads to less and less, but unless I somehow keep upsetting her, wouldn’t lead to permanent. She continues to let me inside because it’s pleasant for her and awesome for me. If it came down to me not being very subbie after for long periods she might change her mind.
  20. I do think long term/permanent chastity does lead to no piv, i can orally please her for as long as she needs which is much better for both of us
    she also says my 2 pump status isn't worth letting me out so permanent chastity for me makes her very happy. i have been locked for 24/7 for 2 years now and im happy to be locked and feel its a part of me know. she does cuckold when she feels the need for piv with a friend of hers and i love that she does that as well
  21. I'm not caged because I'm permanently limp because of medication. So my wife has permission to cuck me whenever she needs a hard cock deep inside her. I'm all for that.
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  22. OK, I'll bite. What is a 2 pump status?
  23. i think what that mean is that when a man puts his willy in a Lady he only does 2 thingys and then he cums and then the Lady is angry with him cos She is not happy. and She wont be happy with him cos its only last a bit.
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  24. What surprises me about the poll results is that nearly 75% of responders do not get to have any intercourse. I don't personally because my Wife says she doesn't like it and I'm impotent, we bought Viagra 5 years ago and it's sat in the same drawer, probably out of date now. I've also become a premature ejaculator due to when I'm allowed to cum I have to do it in 10 seconds or it doesn't happen.
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  25. Thank you Jemima, makes perfect sense now.
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