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No More TitaniumChastiti? NOT GOOD!

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Thatgirl, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. So @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet and I are expecting an order from him at some point in time. We paid around January 17th. He said 6-8 weeks (already passed) for delivery, but had (I think) only one or two simple orders before us. My guy has heard from him only once after paying and out of curiosity today, I decided to look at TitaniumChastiti's website only to find out that he had taken it down, even his Facebook is gone! It's like he never even existed...not good! I am praying that he is an honest person and will come through with our order, if not we are out almost $600 which is not a small amount of money to us! Like most other people, we aren't wealthy! Has anyone heard from him or has he just dropped off the face of the Earth?
  2. He was so critical on other makers about their products and service, so weird he would flake out and disappear.
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  3. Sucks so bad! If he doesn't come through, I doubt there is much we can do. We have his address, but thats about it. I don't think PayPal will refund the money since so much time has passed.
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  4. To be fair he did mention in our last successful contact that he beleived my commission would be his last. And I had little expectation of a 6-8 week time frame based on discussions with other members who had ordered from him. If he's giving up the gig that's fine, but as a person with an outstanding order it would be good to hear from him is all.
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    Is quite odd. He had some issues with CM but he did a great product. He was based in or just outside York, I recall.
  6. I have a feeling he will come thru for you. Seemed like a solid guy to me.

    Also, you have 180 days for a paypal dispute.
  7. He reached out to me on Feb 26th and said he wouldn't be able to work on a device for the next 8 weeks because he had 3 order in the system. That's about it.
  8. Hope he comes through either with product or refund for you
  9. My experience with him was that he would go incommunicado for weeks at a time and missed his ETD by a factor of 2, but did eventually deliver. On the other hand, I never got the sense that he was slacking off or being dishonest.

    Hopefully this pattern holds at least long enough for you to get your piece. I'd suggest you continue to email him about once a week asking after progress, until you get a reply.
  10. I'm really not TOO worried since. I know how he is, but the striking thing for me was that he pulled his website. IDK, maybe it was just oo much to maintain. Hopefully we will see our shiny device soon!
  11. He had done some adjustments for me in the past but during the communication he stated that making devices wasnt his fulltime job and he was being pestered by another device fabricator about his designs other than that im at a loss.
  12. Ohhhh...that sucks for him! By "being pestered" do you mean they were giving him flack about it looking like theirs?
  13. Yeah I heard that too. And yes for copying design.
  14. Whose design ?
  15. I dunno if it's kosher to say? Both parties are on this board so I'll just leave it at that I think.
  16. I find that funny. The shape of the penis hasn't changed too much, therefore the design of the cages are all going to be somewhat similar. The one thing that can be somewhat different is the one thing most agree on, the integrated lock.

    Although his devices were pretty, and made from titanium, the look/design wasn't anything that had some special feature of any specific cage. Bars, ring, Prince Albert pin, and lock.
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  17. Actually his lock design is AFAIK fairly unique, at least on the device I have.
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