Nipple numbing?

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by ValleyMichael, Aug 16, 2019.

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    We've happily played with numbing my cock using a lidocaine cream. Needs to be applied carefully to cover everything and then takes about 10 minutes to numb everything completely. In 30-50 minutes I'll start to get some feeling back, takes maybe 2h to get back to normal. I have no trouble keeping it up since I find it hot to have my cock just used for her pleasure, with me not able to feel a bit. She loves getting to use my cock without having to worry about me coming.

    One hot thing my KH said to me the other day was, "what if I numbed your nipples?" My nipples are an important part of my arousal. I haven't quite managed to come just from nipple stimulation, but I think I probably could. But... what if she could take that away, too? The idea is seriously hot.

    Unfortunately, my experience so far with both lidocaine (Aspercreme) and benzocaine (one of those oral pain gels) has been that while my nipples get much less sensitive, it's impossible to totally numb them that way. The surface gets less sensitive to touch but any amount of pressure still carries through. We haven't played with it together, but I think it'd really hurt the mindfuck aspect of having her play with my nipples and not feeling it to not be totally numb and just make it disappointing for both of us instead.

    Has anyone else here tried it, maybe with more success? Any tips?
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    The cream will only numb the surface, and the nerves go deep on your nipples, so it will be difficult to achieve this, the only way I could see it being done is to use a lidocaine local anaesthetic, to numb the nerve. But I do not recommend this at all!
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