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Nice to make new friends

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by collarme1, May 10, 2017.

  1. Hi, I joined this site a while back but never really visited much. I now plan to change that. I am a fun loving submissive, intelligent, fit and slim. young looking for my age. I have experience in most aspects of BDSM. I have two metal CBs, but unfortunately I can pull out of them. One has internal studs and make a great deterrent for even having the slightest erotic thought.

    I adore anyone who is capable of enforcing secure chastity and believe that it can only be achieved with a PA piercing. I have for a long time wished to get a piercing, but have not had the courage to do so. I am squeamish and backed out every time. What I need is for the option of back-out to be removed and have concluded that it can really only be achieved via consensual blackmail - which is a course I plan to pursue. I have had a little dabble with this and found it to be exciting and am fully aware of the risks. I look forward to making some new friends on here.

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  2. Hello and welcome, @collarme1@collarme1!

    Tell us more about this consensual blackmail idea.
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