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Next Device

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Rob Robb, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Hi

    I have been in chastity for a number of years now and we are still enjoying the lifestyle.
    I have been locked 24/7 in a CB6000s and this is the only device we have owned.
    The tube has been replaced twice as they tend to split and trap the skin after a good teasing session.

    We are looking for advice on our next purchase. We have in mind an holy trainer v2 or BON4.
    We are hoping something along the same dimensions as the CB6000s or a little smaller.

    There are steel ones from china on the internet but they looke a little gruesome and we feel they would be painful hence the reason we are thinking silicone.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. metal has been easier to keep clean... just throwing that out there
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  3. I can't speak for the BON4, but we have tried the Holy Trainer. If you're looking for something very similar to a CB but sturdier and more comfortable, the Holy Trainer is a solid upgrade. There are users here for whom it works great. However, we ourselves had trouble getting the right fit with the HT, and I do not believe we were alone.

    If you'd like a tight fit, I'd recommend a custom measured piece from Steelworxx or Mature Metal; we just got a Jailbird from Mature Metal, and its snug fit is unforgiving, and much safer (IMHO) than our loose Holy Trainer. But hey, if you're not the type to fidget with your device and/or you prefer silicone over steel, maybe the HT would be perfect for you.
  4. We see it as not so much someone finding out. But look at how many couples you know that could actually benefit from learning there is chastity devices for their men out there. We don't go telling everybody, but at the same time we don't freak out over the thought of if someone does
  5. We agree, so many couples woud benefit from the male being locked.
    I have posted a fresh thread which may spark a few "outings"