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Discussion in 'Novices and newbies' started by alpha_by_day, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Hello all ... It’s been 2 weeks now with the Holy Trainer V2, taking it gradual and working my way up to longer periods - like overnight. One thing I’ve struggled with is ring size (shocker!). I’ve played around with both the 45mm and the 40mm. Until today I’ve only really used the 45mm. Because that is what I could get on various times of day, the 40mm just didn’t want to go on and get in place.

    The device with the 45mm is comfortable for awhile, but I am frequently pulling it up because it tends to hang quite low rather than being snug up against my body. When I say hanging/positioned I mean it's pulling away from my body. Also the overnights are problematic and I get lots of of rubbing, chaffing etc. when I wake up - both from the bottom of the ring and the top edge of the tube. And it’s always positioned REALLY low when I get up. So this morning as soon as I got up I took it off and worked the 40mm on. It is not positioned so low as the 45mm and feels good so far after 5 hours on. Feels better than the 45mm and I’m not adjusting and pulling it up frequently.

    But I’m wondering if it’s still positioned a bit low and not really snug against my body like it should be. Perhaps it’s just my package and my body and that’s the way this is going to work? Or I’m not getting the ring on sufficiently well enough? Or is the 40mm still too big for me? Perhaps I need to try the 36mm? I’ve struggled to try to get the 36mm ring on but I’ve never tried first thing in the morning like I just did with the 40mm.

    I have attached a picture of the device with the 40mm ring on and I would love to get some advice from those with more experience. Thoughts, opinions recommendations, whatever. Thank you!

    Other than those fitting/sizing issues my only negative comment about the V2 is that the tube is too big for me. I have the small tube size and I’ve got WAY too much room in it when I’m in a normal state. I get a lot of movement in the tube and my penis bounces around in there a lot if I’m up and about. Candidly I’m pretty tiny and I can’t do anything about that or the tube size. It doesn’t hurt unless I’m really moving around, it just is an annoyance.

    This is really a learning experience for me. Despite my issues I am really enjoying being in chastity and my thinking is that eventually I’ll move on to metal with more customization options. And tube sizing options, I definitely need to go quite a bit smaller than the small V2. Probably a lot smaller.


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