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Newbie Sissy here!

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by TransSissySlut, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone!

    So...I am pretty new to this but earlier this year I decided to finally and fully embrace my sissy self :) Which means doing stuff like making a profile here and declaring (and showing) PUBLICLY that I am a sissy cumslut that needs to have my "clit" locked up.

    Where I'm at: Just started hormones a few weeks ago, been doing laser hair removal, started reaching out online to find a dom/domme by making profiles here and on Fetlife, shopping and looking for appropriate sissy attire and exploring toys and chastity (of course)!

    Things I'm into: becoming a sissy. I am transgender and my goal is become as fem as possible without surgery. I'm very into dressing up as a sissy, exploring long term chastity, edging, teasing and denial, forced "sissygasm" from anal/prostate stimulation.

    What I'm looking for: advice on chastity devices! Particularly on long term wear. I dont like the full enclosure of the plastic CB 6000 type. I am looking for something like jailbird steel cage from mature metal. I would really appreciate advice and direction on this kind of thing before investing in it with $$$. I'm also looking for a dom/domme to start taking control of me or offer ideas or expand my self discovery, even if its just an online thing. Happy to meet and chat with other sissies too!

    Thank you and I look forward to meeting you all :)
  2. Hi, Sissy and welcome! A sweet and lovely road beckons. Femininity begins on the inside, so you're well on your way.
  3. Awww thank you! :)
  4. Hello and welcome @TransSissySlut@TransSissySlut. This is a great place to meet others who can answer your questions and give you support. Wish you the best on your journey.
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