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Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Judgey, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Hi all,

    Im new to the site. Myself and my wife have just got in to chasity.

    We have tried a silcone device to start with. Although it did what we wanted it to do I found that it wasnt quite what we wanted as it was to easy to get off.

    Were been using cb6000 for a about amonth but ive found the ring to be to large and when i fet excited it has moved forward. Ive recently moved down a ring so im now on 45mm ring whic seems to help stop the device slidding down and makes sure i know that shes in full control now.

    Were recently just ordered a steel device like birdcage. This one comes with a 45mm ring and then lock is built in to the decice this time. What ive found wii the cb device is again its easy to remove even with out the keys.

    At the moment we havent moved on to long term chasity as were still getting to grips with short term.

    Im devoted to her every need. Im hoping that we move on to longer term over time would we would love some suggestions for short term tease and denial. Were quite in to bondage also.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks reading.
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  2. Welcome to the site!

    Several others here will be able to provide more detailed advice, but one key is always the fit. Sometimes you have to experiment a bit, which is seems you are doing. Many here also started with the CB6000 but moved to something else. It often depends on the price as devices that have more options for fit often cost more. Take a look in the forum on device reviews to get some sense of what others have tried--and good luck!
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  3. Welcome to you both

    Chauncy has summed up things well.

    There are though some every reasonably priced devices available these days made of hard plastic like the cbXXXX series or stainless steel, you will doubtless go through a few before you find 'The One' and that may change over time. Be sure to check you are getting 316L stainless steel or titanium if you go down the metal route.

    boat loads of advice available on here in past threads and plenty of people willing to answer any questions you or your partner may have and unlike many other mainly fantasy fuelled sites you can almost certainly rely upon any advice offered on here.

    Please do not let some of the threads deter you or your lady as with any 'kink' related site there will always be some threads or posts within them that will be a little difficult to follow for people new to this thing that we do.

    Good luck with your journey.
  4. Welcome! Metal is a more open design and much more hygienic and better for long term whether peirced or ball trap style.
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  5. heloo and welcome to here @Judgey@Judgey i don't liked the cb rings as well and they hurt lots more than a metal ring does.
  6. Have been using a CB6000s for the past year with good success, although it is not the best device for long term chastity. Plastic components like the tube/cage will eventually split. Even had one of the rings break a few months back.. The CB is good for finding what sizes fit best and the sizes you need, so when your ready you can order a better quality stainless steel type cage. Wish you all the best on your new and exciting journey.
  7. Like many others, i started out with a CB6k as well. It was a good "proof of concept". Took about a year or so until i ordered the jailbird by Mature Metal. Custom/perfect fit is key to comfort for long term chastity. However, if security is your concern, nearly any device can be defeated. A little soapy water and the ball trap devices are easily slid out of. A piercing would stop that, but a strong vibrator on pretty much any cage is enough to make most people cum.
  8. Thanks for all the warm welcomes and advice its much appeicated. The steel device came today. Its def diffrent then a plastic one. The ring was a little hard to get on at first. Took me about an hour to get it on lol. The cage is a little smaller then cb one ive got and it dosent hurt while on. Only while i get excited.

    It does feel more secue though and wont be easy to get off. It did slide down slighty after 4 hrs wear and we had to re-adjust it. Took me a while to get the cage on again. But i got it to fit better the second time. Think its going to take me a while to get used to a steel one. Hopefully we dont loose the key or the wife dosent say that
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