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    I'm 49, 5'10", brown hair and hazel eyes. Artistic, musical, educated and liberal. Passionate about photography, painting, drawing, and have been playing the guitar for many years. Jazz and blues music have always been my first loves. And going to jazz festivals or small, dimly lit jazz clubs to hear the sounds of sax, trumpet, piano and drum improvisation feed my soul. I enjoy meeting people with interests or a passion of some kind, and I'm inspired by those with a creative or artistic side. Traveling abroad and experiencing different cultures are also some of the things I enjoy most, when I have the opportunity. Some of my most memorable trips were to places like Cinque Terre, Italy; Barcelona, Spain, Hawaii and all over Peru.

    I have introduced all of my ex-girlfriends to female domination, but a submissive man like myself can tell when it's forced vs when it is genuine. There is no substitute for the latter. I'm not quite sure when I first found myself aroused by female dominance. But I soon figured out that I had a near insatiable craving to serve. Perhaps it's not very surprising that both of my parents were a bit opinionated, and somehow, I sexualized submission to an all-powerful female. For many years I have sought out imagery of powerful women. As a photographer, it often shows up in what I choose to shoot. I've had a variety of sessions with Dominatrixes, but was always left feeling like I wanted the real thing, not some cheap but titillating fantasy. And so here I am, having recently moved to New York City, still searching and fantasizing about what could - and will be.

    I would describe myself as an explorer, attracted to all things off the beaten path, and have a long list of fetishes I'm curious about or have tried and loved. Ultimately though, it is Female Dominance itself that draws me in. Being told what to do is arousing for me, and it doesn't take much. What would it be like to be in a relationship with a woman who snaps her fingers, and I please her on command? And handling all of the mundane household chores that must be done ie: washing her dishes, laundry, cleaning our home in the nude, and being her toy to play with as she chooses. I fantasize about my cock belonging to her...and being told when I can please myself, and when I cannot.

    What I'm Searching For:
    Looking for one incredibly special, Loving Dominant Woman whom I can cherish & serve, and connect with on various levels. Specifically a physically fit woman who takes care of herself. Please be willing to meet in-person for coffee or drinks. I'm looking for something real, offline and local (NYC). Endless texting gets old real quick. Let's get to know one another.

    What I Am Not Searching For:
    Smokers, Narcissists, Borderlines, Drug users, Trump supporters of any kind, Sadists

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