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New trend with urethral inserts

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Socal_locked, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. I have now made up retainers from PTFE - very slippery and, at least using the 'floss' method makes getting the thing installed a lot easier (though I'm getting more practised so that may also contribute)
  2. it could be a better way of doing it making it out of that,but since i can normally manage under 5 mins i wont need to look into that yet
    did you create the retainers yourself and bake it in the oven :p ?
  3. Sure - I no longer have the machine-shop I had before I retired but I still have a small Chinese lathe what cuts PTFE like butter. I now have a jig to hold the blank retainer discs in the lathe for shaping and finishing so a new retainer of any size only takes me 30 minutes maximum to make including polishing. Likewise with the spouts.
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  5. Definitely NOT an experience I would wish on anyone else.
  6. They still show on the website. Have they stopped spring though?

    The Tether Spout seems the ideal solution from my perspective. However, with the extreme lack of variety in spouts from the originator, and no access to metal turning, my options for that are limited. The available spouts are too short for me to use as a retainer with a cage.
  7. Is
    Is it important to have the insert bent?
  8. yes it is i think even the inserts that dont even go beyond the base ring have a curve in it to follow the body in its natural state wich i think is far more comfortable then forcing something thats natural in a bend state straight.

    if you go beyond the base ring the curve is even more important as something is going inside you and with the verylong inserts even beyond the abdominal wall
    a straight insert would would force everything in a very unnatural state wich will cause problems i think
  9. I think a lot of inserts don't allow for how the urethra is so close to the bottom surface of the penis. They should run perhaps only 6mm above the bottom of the cage. As for the curvature, I found that with a rigid insert that went far enough beyond the base ring to be a serious security benefit (>40mm behind the base ring) there was no one curve that would make the ting feel safe to wear. I felt that I could injure myself simply by bumping into something and deflecting the cage down or sideways. The semi-rigid experiments I did came out of this thinking but, as I mentioned flutter was the issue I couldn't overcome. My guess is that a rigid insert of that sort of depth would also suffer similar flutter issues.
  10. If Insert go behind Basering they will prevent very effective to get the cage off - very effectiv. No trend for me - more logic! :)
  11. Stops me escaping!!!
  12. I think the acid test for inescapability is to pull the cage away from you and down until the pain in your scrotum is only just on the right side of tolerable and then scrabble your cock back and try to shove it inside yourself. I have found that a rigid insert going only 10mm behind the A-ring is escapable under these circumstances.
  13. 're tetherspout , have seen a lot of mentions of this as alternative to PA. The alloy used is magnetic ( for retrieval). Have seen on fetlife users saying 'it rusts'. :(. Can anyone confirm or deny this ?
  14. Fairly new here and not got hang of posting to thread sozo_O
  15. well mine is made from 316L stainless so that does not rust and i have worn it multiple times2-3 weeks without removal and no signs of rust at all.
    So be very carefull you make sure it is at the very least stainless steel...ive used non stainless in my experiments and that didnt go well at all

    as long as you stick to the right materials there should be no problem
  16. I have made my spouts and retainers from PTFE that is very slippery so inserts and removes very easily.

    The genuine ones are made from a magnetic grade of stainless (to allow magnetic retrieval if they get lost in there - something I am sure won't happen).
  17. I got an infection from using one a long time ago so no more for me. Cheap ones are to be avoided. Also no sounding either. It does not make escape impossible. You can still cut the lock and lift off just like any other cage. It will prevent pulling out though, but my thoughts are that it is not the cage, but the promise that makes me chaste.

    Even with an insert you can still masturbate and orgasm. Still some enjoy the feeling of not being able to escape. I can take my off any chastity cage I want with my tools, and yet I do not. I still like it locked to feel like I cannot escape. I get it. Guys buy chastity cages for all sorts of reasons.

    For me, the advantage of an insert is being able to pee standing up. No splashing back in the cage. However, I have not known anyone who used a device with an insert for 24/7 for many years. I am sure there are some. I just never met any. If you want more security get pierced because urethral infections can get nasty and hard to cure. Even lead to hospital time with antibiotics that feel like they are burning your arm as they go in. I love fetish play but my well being always comes first now. It took me two hospital stays to learn that. Pegging resulted in surgery too. These days nothing goes into any of my openings. Unfortunately, my wife has the same idea. :(
  18. Goddess requested that i should be in the shortest possible cage with insert for her..
    to get a sense of what i'm dealing with, just picked up a low cost 1' steel cage with urethra tube.. pics in my photos..
    first time with urethra tube, went in with not to much trouble..
    felt weird tho..
    peeing is no problem, feels weird tho
    i do have one suggestion, while this unit is comfortable , albeit short
    adjust ball ring to compensate for tube, ive notice it is tighter..
  19. Ms. Amanda....
    Wtf is that?
  20. Its an insert
  21. The straw serves as an analog to the subject of this thread.
  22. Lol