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New trend with urethral inserts

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Socal_locked, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. I've noticed how popular urethral insets have become (especially with those short devices). I'm wondering what the benefits are. Does it add security without a piecing, or does it enable you to pee standing up? Or, is it just the feeling of having something in there?

    What is the safety track record of these? How long could they in? Are the Chinese ones of high enough quality to trust?

    Thanks for your thoughts!
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  2. The screw In is on the inside so makes escape impossible. I bought a cheap chinese one.. the insert was way to large for my urethra. Maybe if your used to soundings you could do it. Wasn't for me. Got PA piercing
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  3. My device uses a short urethral tube combined with a PA lock. The main function of the tube is to stabilize the device. The extra surface area on the inside causes less stress on the piercing, and when arousal occurs, the result is firmly grasped between the urethral tube and the main tube. It is like a vice. It is not painful, but definitely not comfortable. It encourages compliance to the device.
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  4. Can you or have you posted a pic of your device? Seems like a lot to stuff in your uretha..
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  5. Sure, take a look at my album. Note that the urethral tube is not removable by itself.

    You first insert the urethral tube, then the main tube goes over and encloses it. Then, the PA locking bar is applied.
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  6. Ok @Alceste@Alceste I looked..do you really need a ball trap? Seems like with the pa a d the uretha insert you'd be in a escape proof device! Bet it makes peeing less messy!
  7. for a device like this if it has to be escape proofthe insert would have to go 50mm past the base ring or something like that...a very long way at least as 25 mm for i could still pull out of.
    the tetherspout insert is completely escapeproof for me , as soon as the device comes off ill try to make pictures but i dont know when that will be:p
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  8. My keyholder insisted on the rear ring. It makes erections a thing of the past.
  9. I like the feel and the intrusion of the uretheral insert. On my devices the insert screws in from the front so is not secure but this does allow me to remove the insert after I pee to drain out the piss. Otherwise it can be a little damp.
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  10. I've devices that the insert fixes from both the inside of the device and outside.

    It makes the chastity more secure, I can't pull back out. There has been no problem with infections etc, it only goes a bit beyond the back ring.

    It also holds my willy steady in the middle, I do turtle a bit when sitting, it keeps everything aligned for when to grows a little.

    Lastly when I do grow a bit it holds my willy very firm, willy clamps down on it. Makes it even less likely to gain stimulation.

    I can now sleep with it on, but I do remove once a day for a clean. Has been the first secure chastity for me.

    Photos in my gallery.
  11. And just for the record, I have worn the device without removal for many weeks without any problems. The longest was over 26 weeks. Yes, over 1/2 of a year.

    Note that the whole device, including the urethral tube is grade 5 titanium alloy.
  12. @Alceste@Alceste does your device have to use a pa attachment? It looks like something my Wife would very much like me to wear but she is against me having a pa and I couldn't have one anyway due to my split glans. It is a very impressive looking device, have you posted any reviews of it?
  13. I think all inserts add to the sensation of getting an erection (or the attempt thereof). In this respect I find the TetherSpout especially notable. Since its retaining ring is significantly larger in diameter (more than 12mm) than a conventional insert it spans the fossa navicularis to a much greater extent and as an erection starts, even when outside a cage, the pressure on the retainer causes a significant sensation at the frenulum. Initially this is pleasant but becomes painful as things progress.

    My wife can cause me to be in something ranging from ecstasy to pain simply by lightly stroking my frenulum with the TetherSpout left in me.

    She seems to like that power!
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  14. It could be used without the PA lock or the urethral tube, but then it would just be another trapped ball device that you could pull out of. The PA is what makes it inescapable.

    I have not posted a formal review, but I have talked about it a lot both here and on fetlife. It is a one off custom device.

    Thank you for your comments. It is very effective. I did not realize how effective it would be when I had it made!
  15. my husband wears the insert. makes it really difficult to get out of. Pain is involved. Plus lots of pain to put it back it if he is in his cage.
    The tether spout is my next experiment. Then the PA if I feel like making him do it. I am wondering if the pa is worth it. Also they have lead testing swabs on amazon. Use those on any cage you buy before you use it to test for lead.
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  16. Thanks for your reply. It does look like one beautifully made device. I take it was quite an investment?

    Elle, my Wife, is against me having a PA on the grounds that the PA hook makes her role of keyholder redundant. She enjoys the level of trust she has in me that I will not try to defeat my device. It doesn't matter that I disagree, that the level of control a pa hook would give her over me is what I want, or that other Keyholders see this different to her. She isn't against a urethral tube though, if they were still making them she would be getting me a Looker2 from Steelworxx.
  17. Thank you, yes. I was an investment.
    I understand that point. For me, the PA is important not because I would cheat, but because the inability to escape or defeat without detection changes it in my mind. It makes it very real to me the control my key holder has.
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  18. That would be my perspective as well @Alceste@Alceste but she really is in charge so her wishes take precedence. I wanted an ampallang piercing used as a lock by a custom device but it isn't to be.
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  19. I would tend to agree only if the insert tube is flexible as I too could easily turtle out of a flexible urethral insert. However for metal inserts I would say that you could not go that deep (50mm) due to the inflexibility. That said its much harder to reinsert onto a non flexible insert (5 - 15mm) if you can control the rear access where the penis needs to be bent to reinsert onto the tube. Significantly reduce the penis rear access and its very very difficult to get back into a fixed urethral device at least it is for me.
    Personally I dislike flexible urethral devices they for me have proved insecure and potentially more problematic compared to metal inserts and quite uncomfortable even at 40mm.
    I moved to fixed metal urethral inserts for chastity security on the good experience and advice from Mascara Snake who kept her sub in a urethral device for long periods with no problems an experience I can confirm after wearing a urethral device for over 2 years. Cleanliness is important though but so far no issues with a good device.

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  20. yes i agree thats why i had a problem with the longer inserts for security for them to be secure they need to be very long and made of metal wich gives the problem you already described.
    I coud pull out of the 25mm past base ring insert quit easily by pulling the cage forward and backing out the back , if one would have a belt kind of thing pressing the cage to the pubic bone then i think it would be much harder to escape.

    So thats why i modified my looker02 cage ( i drilled out the insert with some basic tools at home and a lot of time) to go for the tetherspout idea thread the tetherpout through the exit hole in the looker02 cage and padlock it.

    That worked in security wise somewhat but the tetherspout was moving and digging into something inside everytime the padlock moved ( and both me and my gf dont like a padlock design anyway.)

    So that idea also went down the drain and then i saw the steelworxx PA fixing and thought with some adjustements it could be made to be able to lock the tetherspout on inside my cage.

    That has worked best so far , i have worn it for 15 days now without any removal of the cage or the insert... and everything is still fine and secure;)
  21. My urethral tube will not prevent escape as it can be unscrewed and removed whilst locked.
    If you can buy a device with a long enough tube which is built in I think it would be secure. The tube would need to get deep into the urethra.

  22. Yes, I found that short rigid inserts were not really secure and by the time they were long enough to be secure there was a serious chance of injury. My solution was this:-


    This is able to bend in enough places to be worn without imminent danger of injury and because the last section is rigid can't be pulled out of the urethra even when you pull back out of the cage.

    Unfortunately, I had real issues with flutter while peeing through this and despite experiments with different tip shapes was not able to solve this.

    The TetherSpout however seems to be the perfect solution once you have the insertion sorted out and has, to my mind, no security issues and almost no flutter problems. I have made my latest TeterSpout and retainer out of PTFE and because of its very low friction on skin makes insertion/removal even easier.
  23. for me it was the same situation i didnt like the fluttering either and at times it was irritating the urethra + the fact that it wasnt secure for me even with the extended lenght of insert.
    So thats also why i went to the tetherspout,also with that you have to play around with sizes to find the perfect one but i had multiple made ( i have 2 inserts and 4 retainers)
    And with that i think i have found the setup that works while i can insert the retainers relatively easily with only the help of my fingers nothing else.

    it wont come out no matter how hard you pull and ive tried and also my gf has tried herself:p no luck

    Though i must say sunday morning it just wouldnt go my way and it took me a good 20 mins to get everything working but thats rare normally its a a couple ofmins.
  24. I have had cages with integrated urethral tubes and those with removable tubes. I have had cages with metal tubes and with flexible, rubber tubes. I have cleaned them before use with pipe cleaners, to remove whatever may be on the inside, and I have bathed them in alcohol for weeks before first usage. I say this because I have had two urinary tract infections / prostatitis episodes. One put me in the hospital for a week, while the other required prescribed antibiotics. I may be the exception to the rule, but I speak from painful and expensive experience. I loved the feeling of the insert and would like to experience it again, but I am going to say no. If you are going to try this, make sure your health insurance is up to date and pay attention to your ability and frequency to pee. I TOTALLY wish you a better experience than I had, but I feel I am letting the community down if I don't relate my experiences. Sorry to be the Debbie Downer here. Best of luck and hugs to all!
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  25. That's areal fear that I also share. I wore one for almost two weeks with no problem but getting an infection was always in the back of my mind. It doesn't sound like a very enjoyable experience