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New to it all but finally happy

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by LockedGelding, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone..m 47 from Brisbane Australia here. Married since 2012, still a secret closet sissy which will hopefully change one day soon. Her insecurities initially brought up Chastity to make her happy. So far it's been a straight 6 weeks in the classic eBay silicone cage with ball separator...and it's very comfy..only hygiene is a lot of work. Always had a very small clit...mostly impotent..so feeling very comfy and secure with the thought of long term Chastity. Would like to hear from other couples and chastitized...maybe even local.
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  3. thank you boisub. Nice to meet you
  4. Welcome. I once had a girlfriend in Sydney. I am locked up about 95% of the time. After 4+ years I am very used to being locked and feel weird when I am not. Like you, hygiene is the only thing I do not like about it but since I work from home, it is much easier than if I was out of the house all day. You get used to it if you hang in there. My wife did not embrace chastity fully until this year, our 5th year. She was pretty good in year 4 but I knew what buttons to press to get her to give me an orgasm. Mostly it was simply annoying her about sex. Now it does not work so I have lost all control.

    Unlike many here, I did not start with a device. I started with teasing and denial. Told the wife to skip my orgasm so it will be more intense the next time. Kept on doing that but increased the denial period to see how it affected my orgrasms. When we hit 3 weeks I told my wife that I needed help with the honor system and spoke of a chastity device, something she never saw before. She told me to get it and the rest is history.

    Just take baby steps and focus on the Teasing and Denial part, not the device. We guys like toys. If you take it slowly and do a little acting to let your wife know that you get pleasure from doing things different than straight vanilla sex, she will come around. Positive reinforcement usually works.

    It may take time. My wife only stopped calling sex without my orgasm, fake sex, after My cage is 1 1/4" long and there is still room in it. I need Viagra to get a good erection, my wife likes sex with women more than men, except if the guy is young and hot. I have been denied intercourse for about 20 years and am sterile. Still, I managed to indulge most fetishes out there, even the ones that people think are disgusting. If you have patience and increase the kink gradually, you have a good shot at it. Good luck.
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