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New to chastity

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Doczilla421, Nov 20, 2017.


Did I do the right thing?

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  1. Hello
    Don't really know how to start, so I will just jump right in with both feet.
    I'm defiantly new to this. It all started because of guilt. Guilt from masturbating. I felt like I was cheating on my wife. Who I love dearly. I had no control over the urges to do the deed.
    Finally I couldn't take it anymore, I was looking on line and happened across these chastity cages. Well the brain started to work and it seemed obvious that I needed to be in chastity. So I ordered one off line. It came in the mail last week. Well I tried it on it felt comfortable. Ok now what? I decided 4 days ago that I would just confess to my wife what had been going on. First I locked my cage on. After dinner my wife and I went out on the back porch and smoked a cigarette. I was very nervous. I put my hand in my pocket and took out the keys and slide them over to her. She took them and asked what they went to.
    I told her I had something to tell her and to hear me out first. I confessed everything to her and she had a hurt look in her eyes. She asked me if it was her fault or she wasn't pretty enough. I quickly reassured her that it wasn't her fault it was mine and mine alone. I was addicted to masturbation.
    I THEN told her that I had a solution and that's were the keys come in. I told her I was wearing a chastity device on my penis and that she had the keys to it and she could do whatever she wanted with those keys. What happened next really did surprise me. She put the keys in her pocket. We talked more about my problem and the chastity. She agreed that I should be in chastity, which was a relief to me. Then she wanted to see it. She actually took hold of it and pulled it. I guess to see if it really was locked on and would stay. Well it's been 4 days so far and she told me that this is kinda cool and likes the way it looks on me. She has taken the keys and hidden them from me. I know now she is serious about keeping it on me. It's funny cause once I gave her those keys, I felt a ton of relief and apprehension. I gave my choice away to my wife. I haven't asked her if she is going to unlock me or not yet. I think I know the answers already. Did I do the right thing by starting this?
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  2. maid_carrie

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    Welcome @Doczilla421@Doczilla421 - hope you enjoy your time here.

    As to your question, I think the answer is that only time will tell ;)
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  3. Welcome to Chastity Mansion. You will find a lot of information here, and lots of very nice people who will help both you and your wife as you together start this journey. I think you did the right thing, but it's not a question of deserving it or not. It's a question of the right thing to do.
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  4. Enjoy the journey. In our case it was just the opposite. My wife found some porn on my computer and decided to lock me up.
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  5. Welcome!

    There are just as many reasons for putting on a cage as there are cages. I myself find no guilt in masterbation as long as it doesn’t affect my ability and desire for a partner.

    I myself enjoy the liberation of never making a poor decision regarding sex, and always knowing that whatever we are doing is exactly how she wants to do it. She’s never going to perform anything out of obligation or pity.

    Although this might have been exciting for you, you may want to discuss your expectations. You may not have any, and you’re fine with whatever may be. Others may expect a certain amount of attention or contact if letting someone else have complete sexual control. That is when hurt feelings and resentment come to play. You might think she will unlock you more often, tease you, etc. instead she may forget all about you and your locked cock. So get it out there on what you feel her role should be. Worse case scenario, she hands the keys back. That’s better than wasting a month being upset with her.

    Good luck with everything!
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  6. Your first step was awesome! Communications is the key to this working - for both of you!
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  7. Mistress Jules

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    Welcome to the Mansion, it's great to hear about the start of your journey. Do keep us up to date with how you get on.
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  8. Thank you
  9. I will definitely do that. Thank you
  10. I really hope so. I'm willing to pay any price she feels is appropriate
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  11. That's how I feel. It's the right thing to do and I'm willing to do it. Thank you
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  12. After reading your post @Doczilla421@Doczilla421 i would say you did the right thing. Being sincere with your wife and communicating your feelings to her is a Huge step. To tell her that you use to Masturbate and want her help to stop can do a lot to bring you closer together. Since your new I will tell you this new Journey may not always be easy but if you communicate and treat your wife with Love it can be Very Rewarding for both of you. Good Luck. And Welcome to the Mansion
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  13. Day 8 locked. She let me out for 5 hrs today for thanksgiving. When we got home first thing she did was lock me back up. The only hint to being unlocked again might be Christmas. I have been very attentive to her needs and no release for me. It's ok I know it will take time for her to forgive me. She did say for me to get use to the cage.
  14. Welcome to CM.. ... I agree communication is a huge part of this. I was in the same boat that you are about 3 months ago. But unfortunately my wife has lost interest in it and now I have to self lock. Good luck to you and enjoy the site.
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  15. Great start. I would love some details. Many factors play into how successful you will be at this. What model of device did you get, how old are you? Are you physically fit or over weight? did the two of you come up with a plan. How often do you discuss chastity with her (it may get old if you talk too much about it with her). Do you have any other experience in this lifestyle. Does she? How kinky are the two of you? Has she kept it on you 24/7, how are the night time erections?

    Start a thread in the vault and let us know how it's going!
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  16. Hi. The cage that I bought is called the Vice. It was my idea because I didnt want to keep cheating on her by masturbating all the time. When I confessed to her about it she was hurt by it, but when I showed her my solution she was totally on board with it. I havent had it off since that day which was Nov 15. Other than cleaning of course but right back on. She checks me often to make sure I havent messed with it. Neither of us have any experience with chastity. I really didnt want to but couldn't see any other option. Im starting to get use to it. I really have no choice now cause she has made it clear that I had better get use to it. Night time erections are very uncomfortable. We are into bondage. She does all the locking, chaining, handcuffing, and wrapping, Im the one who has to escape. She likes it when I cant get out. I do too.
    This cage, The Vice, is the only thing that has ever been locked on me that I cant get out of. She is VERY HAPPY about that.
  17. The nighttime erections become less uncomfortable over time. Teasing and edging will continue to be intense;)
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