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New to chastity

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Peggedhubby, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. hello everyone so I'm new to chastity so new I don't even have my cage yet it's in the mail. My wife doesn't think she can keep me locked for a long period of time even though I want to feel real longing and sexual frustration. My wife loves my cock to much to keep me locked for long period time. How does you all handle keep your wife satisfy will staying locked?
  2. We have a doxi wand, a 9inch strapon, and my mouth...unlocking me has absolutely nothing to do with her satisfaction lol!

    Welcome to the mansion, and I'm sure she will figure out her needs and let you know.
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    Welcome to the Mansion. I am sure the guys here will be able to help you with many suggestions as you continue on your journey. I look forward to keeping up with how you are getting on.
  4. Thank you I'm excited to start being in chastity I just hope my wife will enjoy it as much as I think I will.
  5. please @Peggedhubby@Peggedhubby well you just has to do what She tells you to do. it no good moaning.
  6. So me and the wife decided on a silicone device from house of denial any one have experience with that cage.
  7. Welcome, Peggedhubby. I have the pink one that's on sale on their page, though I didn't get it from them. I don't like silicone for several reasons. First, it doesn't really restrict access. The big slit in the front, and the softness of it means you can reach inside it with your fingers pretty easily and stroke yourself. Also, silicone tends to chafe me, and make me sweat which increases odor no matter how often you shower. Since you've already ordered it, by all means check it out, but you are probably going to want a metal one eventually. Good luck, and I hope your wife decides to keep you locked up!
  8. Thanks for your input we didn't want to get to invested if she or I didn't really like it but if we like it we plan on going metal.
  9. Hi Peggedhubby, When you said, "My wife loves my cock to much to keep me locked for long period time." I immediately thought, well there is a solution to that, make you a locked up cuckold. :)

    I do wish you the best of luck. I'll be curious to see how it all goes for you.
  10. Thank you but my wife and myself are to committed to each other to stray from are marrige even with they others consent
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