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New to Chastity and excited

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Wife's Toy, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Hi all, just wanted to say hi to everyone.

    My Wife and myself are new to Chastity play.She is usually open to any new fetishes that I propose we should try (lucky me, best wife in the world ).I have been interested in Chastity for quite a while and 2 weeks ago we decided to try it.
    At the moment she doesn't like having me locked for too long, so she pretty much unlocks me every time she wants to have sex.
    I like being edged for longer periods, because when I am at that state of mind, she can do whatever she wants with me!!
    I am still getting used to the cage, the main problem being occasional ball pinching because of ball skin getting wrinkled at the base.At the moment we are using CB6000 with 5mm ring.Any advice how to avoid this, shell I get another device, bigger size of the ring?
    We are both loving Chastity play btw...

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  2. hey there.. welcome... you have to just try different shaped devices and sizes for feel and comgfort
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  3. Welcome to the Mansion. You will find here many couples adhered to this lifestyle. I am profiting a lot with their stories and the Mistresses are always wanting to help us newbies.
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  4. Do you remember the last time you bought a car. The first car you say you bought correct. I don't think so. Putting a device on your Penise isn't as easy as it looks you need to find Your Right Fit. It takes time , other people can give you advise but how it feels is all up to you Good Luck and be Patient
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  5. Thanks, it looks like I'll have to buy other devices and try them on, untill I find a good fit, any suggestions for a good website that I can purchase from?I already know a few, but since I am a newbie, it's good to get an advice from more experienced.I need plastic to wear at work (due to security checks), and metal should be ok at home, if wife can be bothered of swapping, or supervising the swap every day.

    Thanks for reply.
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  6. if your having problems with the CB line you might want to try the holy trainer. It fits differently with the ring. You can buy cheap knock offs of it on eBay and they give you multiple sized rings. Then if you like it you can buy the real deal or keep the cheap one. Eventually for maximum comfort I would recommend a custom device. This one of the custom 3d printed device makers but there are others. https://www.customchastity.com
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  7. Wow, thanks a lot, so much information on this website I didn't realise that so many people are into chastity play.But this is good makes me feel more hyped up about this.I generally don't have any issues with the cage, it's just the ring is giving my balls some pinching and a little bit of redness, is that just the adjustment period or is there any cream that I can use ti reduce the rash/redness.Good that there's a lot of experienced people here that can help.Thanks.
  8. yeah the ring can cause some discomfort until your body gets used to it. That can take some time. In the meantime one of my favorites was 2 toms sport shield. Just put a little on where the ring makes contact. It lasts a long time. Make sure you use it especially at night before bed.
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  9. Wow, thanks a lot mate, you guys are really helpful, will try to use this chafing cream, because that seems to be my only issue, the fit is actually ok, it's just the chafing problem.But we will be persistent in making me wear the cage as it feels amazing.I never thought something like this can spice up the sex life in so many ways.Cheers mate.I will upload some photos to my account as soon as I'm allowed to.

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