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New member

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Pantie Boy 59, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Just want to say Hi, new to CM but not new to Chastity.

    Locked 24/7 in a BON 4M, this fits me best. Full time pantie wearer (Mistress has forbidden male underwear )

    Loving life.
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  2. Welcome to Chastity Mansion :)
  3. Mistress Jules

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    Welcome to the Mansion. Glad to see you have found us, it's always good to have more chastity enthusiasts here.
  4. heloo @Pantie Boy 59@Pantie Boy 59 and welcome to here and i hope that you like it here as well.
  5. Welcome, always glad to see another panty wearer!;)
  6. A very warm welcome
  7. Hello @Pantie Boy 59@Pantie Boy 59 and welcome to CM. I know you will find it an interesting and informational place. i hope you enjoy your time here. Oh and just to say, I haven't worn male underwear in years and wouldn't have it any other way, neither would my Wife.
  8. Hi there and welcome.
  9. Welcome...what are male underware?? (Ha! Same for me)
  10. Welcome! I'm always in panties too! My wife like seeing me wear them.
  11. I'm sissy jeri locking for some one to Owen me
  12. I'm sissy jeri locking for a owner to lock up my little sissy clit and trun me in to a sissy maid
  13. Welcome, Panty Boy to CM. I hope you find lots here that interests you. (The only male underwear left in my house is a single pair of boxers that I am required to wear as a punishement, at times! I hate them!)
  14. Thanks for the welcome messages, they are appreciated very much.

    I have 1 pair of Boxers for hospital visits, although the last time I had a cancer check up i wore panites. My wife has slowly feminised me over a number of years. Turning me from an Alpha male to her Sissy.

    I am her Sissy maid and submissive, she has taught me how to use and apply makeup, removed all my body hair from below the neck. I wear female jeans/trousers and blouses when we go out (no one has ever noticed) with ladies flat shoes. She has trained me to wear heels and encouraged to buy over 20 pairs (she usually chooses these). I am required to wear seamed stockings with heels at all times I am dressed as her maid.

    We go to the nail bar once every 3 weeks where I have my toenails trimmed and shellacked.

    Aftershave and male deodorant is forbidden, its feminine products and perfume only.

    She has informed me that she will never let my Alpha male personality return as my Sissy side is so much nicer. I must say I love it.
  15. Hi
    It sounds an ideal life for you. I'm quite envious really. I'm a full time panties wearer too and hate male underwear.
    I'm also hairless from my neck down.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts on CM.
  16. Hi hunni, I have just joined myself and from what I have seen this is a great place to be.
  17. I wish I had a wife like this...you are so lucky
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