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New in town.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Breathe, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Hi, everyone. Thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself!

    I was born and raised in the Southern US, but thankfully do not live there anymore. Don't get me wrong - the south is a great place, but deserves a lot of the bad rep it gets. Not the most open-minded place, but it sure is beautiful and the food is divine (albeit mostly artery clogging!). Values of hospitality are irreplaceable, so I'm glad those were instilled in me. I was very lucky to grow up as a non-heterosexual in the south. My family was very supportive and I was able to come out at 14, so I've had a positive outlook on sex for most of my life.

    I'm currently wrapping up a masters degree and will be moving across the country to begin my PhD very soon, universe willing. I thoroughly enjoy reading and writing (outside academic requirements), but I never have enough time for either. Nature is indescribably important to me. The peaceful awareness it brings is unmatched by nearly everything I've experienced in life.

    I'm not a super feminine woman, although I do like to dabble in glamour at times. My career lies in a very male-centric field, so over the past decade I've embraced more 'manly' qualities in myself - not because of necessity, but honesty. Previously, I identified as bisexual. Over the past few years, I've learned that the designation of a gender-fluid pansexual is more accurate - although I'd say my outward public appearance is always female or neutral. I've been called a tomboy many times, but I can still rock some glittery bits when I feel like being feminine.

    My husband/pet and I are just beginning our journey in the chastity lifestyle. We've been together in a D/s relationship for roughly four years, married for almost one. Unfortunately, we are not living together at the moment - he's in Canada, I'm in the US. We see each other roughly once a month, thankfully. I am hopeful that our immigration proceedings (Can->Am) will hurry along - I feel we're well on our way to closing the distance gap!

    While I understand there are those that don't connect chastity to D/s kinks, I'd say it was a natural transition for us to do so. Orgasm control / tease and denial have been a main focus in our relationship. He was quite inexperienced when we met, and I couldn't have been happier about that. Molding him into the pet I've always wanted has been rather easy in some areas... when you click, things can be so simple.

    But obviously, there are always highs and lows. We've gone through some situations that tarnished the trust between us, and it was (and sometimes, still is) a painful experience.

    However, we've grown much closer after the past year and I believe we're on our way to repairing those fault lines. Based on our level of excitement since discussing chastity, I think this is a wonderful door we're about to open and I couldn't be more excited.

    ... Why are these things always longer than I intend? Heh. My wordiness strikes again, so I guess you've been warned.

    Thanks to all of you that have already given me a warm welcome to the community. I'm happy to have stumbled upon such an informative site. I look forward to learning much more!
  2. We are glad you found us. I hope the two of you enjoy your chastity journey.

    Giving a new meaning to the phrase "Locked and loaded."
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  3. Welcome to CM, good luck with the immigration process. Look forward to reading more about the two of you.
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  4. @Breathe@Breathe, thanks for the introduction. Welcome again :p. Look forward to hearing more as the chastity progresses.
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  5. Welcome and please keep us updated on your journey together with chastity. Learning to expand our horizons keeps life thrilling and exciting.
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  6. Welcome to CM. Highs and lows happen to everyone. I am sure there are many people here that have gone through the same issues. This is a
    great place to ask anything and get many different answers. Hope you can find some answers and share things that you learned. Welcome to the
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  7. Thanks, everyone! It's been a thought-provoking few days while settling in. I think I'll like it here. :)
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