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New in chastitymansion

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by braces, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Greetings from finland. I`m new here, but not newbie in chastity. It would be nice to meet new people, maybe eaven find local keyholder here.
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  2. Welcome to the Mansion.and Good Luck on finding Your Keyholder
  3. Thanks for welcoming
  4. Mistress Jules

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    Welcome to the Mansion, I am sure you will find lots of helpful advice on the site. I look forward to hearing about your journey.
  5. Thanks you. Let hope that this is a beginning in a new chapter for my chastity journey.
  6. welcome! lots of great information, and people
  7. helooo @braces@braces i don't think i seen a man from Finland on here before but i like Kimi Raikkonen a lot. So welcome to here. :)
  8. I talk allmost much as kimi
  9. Wow, Finland! Welcome to you!
  10. Welcome to Chastity Mansion. Please tell us more about yourself. I am sure other would also like to hear about your journey!
  11. So far my journey is booring. If i find local keyholder then my journey begin
  12. Make it un boring until then...
  13. Welcome to the Mansion and good luck with your search for a Keyholder.
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