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New Here - Here is our story!

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by diaperedOne, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Hello! My wife, @Keyholder Mommy@Keyholder Mommy, and I have been married for over 22 yrs and have a daughter soon to go off to college. We have a good marriage, but we have both neglected it for some time now. Over the course of our marriage, my wife's libido dropped significantly and mine did not. I never had an affair, but I did develop a very significant porn addiction. She knew I masturbated, but probably not how much. Up until very recently, I masturbated every day, often 2-3 times a day. As we face empty nesting, it became obvious to me that we needed to work on things.

    I am a bedwetter and have overactive bladder. I have worn diapers to bed for over 10 yrs now, and frequently during the day. I am naturally submissive and always have done everything I could to please my wife. I recently asked her how we can start to reconnect. It's not an easy task after 15+ yrs of neglect. I asked her if we could expand on my diaper usage and adopt a Mommy/Baby role when at home. We began with her diapering me and me sucking her breast while we watched TV. This ignited a fire within us both that was magical. At this same time my wife communicated to me the things that would make her happy. This included a daily "Princess" treatment, doing large or small things to please her and feel like a "princess". This unleashed a more submissive side of me than I thought was possible. She hasnt done dishes since this started. I make the bed every morning and turn down the bed each night for her, often with a small love note on her pillow. I fold different origami designs in the toilet paper all of the time. I constantly find things to surprise her with.

    It wasn't long until we came to the conclusion that this was the direction we should take to save our marriage. We read more about Female Led Relationships and both are convinced this is the road for us. We continued along our Mommy/Baby bliss until I discovered orgasm denial as a means of further committment to her. It has evolved to the point where I no longer pee in the toilet at home, only in my diaper. My wife changes my diaper more often than not. While the diapers/Mommy dynamic isnt everyones cup of tea, it works for us quite well.

    We began orgasm denial without a cage, just a committment on my part to not masturbate any longer, cold turkey. It has been difficult for sure and I slipped a few times. My wife wasn't enthusiastic about the cage idea for a while. I didn't push too hard (i hope) but I explained to her how i thought it would help me mentally as well as physically honor my committment. My wife is pretty vanilla, so I had to help her down the road a bit, often topping from the bottom.

    We tried it on and off over the last few weeks. This week (1st week of Locktober) we decided to try the whole month. I asked to keep a key in my wallet for emergencies. She brushed that idea off and felt it was pointless for her to hold a key if I had one. Imagine my surprise! So I did as she asked and we are now on the road to chastity with her holding the only key. I'm experiencing crazy emotions from the lack of control as well as my repeated surprise at how my wife has evolved during this adventure. As she begins to find her own way as the leader in our FLR, I have stepped back with my 'assistance' with helping her lead. I never would have predicted the way that this has evolved, it is surreal how close we have become. We have never kissed this much since our honeymoon.

    We are both truly excited for our future and have committed ourselves to continually improve on our FLR. She has continually surprised me with how she is embracing her role. As for me, I am learning foot reflexology to give her better foot massages. I painted her toenails for her this week, which she seemed to enjoy, I will learn to do that better for her. As we explore chastity with a cage and longer orgasm denial we both have high hopes for the future.

    Chastity Mansion has been a valuable resource during our journey so far and wanted to share my story as a means of saying thank you as well as hopefully being a contributing member of the site.
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  2. Your story is inspiring. Thanks for sharing! I find myself heading down a similar road with my girlfriend.
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  3. Welcome! It is a great place to learn and share! :)
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  4. Hi everyone. New here. Sadly I’m my own key holder and I’m a cd. The longer i keep locked the higher my desire and craving for all things kink increases, but self discipline is hard for me and haven’t made it very long... :-( would love to make friends and learn as finding s comfortable device has also been difficult for me.
  5. Congratulations! FLR has saved me. You're on a beautiful path to complete submission. Please let us know how things progress. You have kindred spirits here.
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  6. What a wonderful story diaperedOne. Thank you for sharing it. It is amazing when there is open communication allowing each of the partners to explore their own direction. I would never have imagined I would end up where I am in the relationship, but it is a peaceful place.
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  7. Good for you. My wife is holding my key for locktober too. I have self diapered and recently discovered how much better adult baby themed diapers are than your run of the mill depends. They can hold up to a gallon of liquid!
  8. Nanny has been keeping me in diapers and chastity since April. We have completed our nursery as well.
    We both enjoy breastfeeding, too!
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