New Donation system is on its way...

Discussion in 'Other fetishes' started by Jens, Mar 11, 2016.

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    Part of the new system is a brand new Donation management system - that I truly hope that many of you would like to take use of;-)
    Upgrading and beefing up servers are not cheap., and the evolving premium mobile system not either.
    If CM is to remain the "Google of Chastity lifestyle" donations is needed.
    I will when the updates are finalized- make the spendings and subscribtions I had to make - public to you all.

    But for now I have taken down the old donation system. No Donate function right now. - It was'nt working anyway!)

    You can always drop me a few bucks on PAYPAL at - if You can't wait;-)
    Much appreciated.

    Jens/ Administrator
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