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New development

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Lakeman, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. We’ve been playing with chasity on and off for almost two years now. My wife is happy to hold the key when I lock up, and it’s entirely up to her when I get unlocked, but it’s the relocking that hasn’t yet evolved, it’s been up to me, she’s never asked me to lock up again.

    After a recent nine day lock up I asked her about my freedom, she said she’d think about it, I assumed she’d forget. I asked again several days later, and she surprised me by saying she found herself thinking about that while in the supermarket!

    Still unlocked, she teased me wonderfully on Saturday night, edged me perfectly on Sunday night, stopping at just the right time while I throbbed and pulsed in her hand. After calming down a little, I asked her about her supermarket thinking, she said “ you’re going to be locked back up, you won’t know when, but it’s going to be soon. You’ll need to be good to get unlocked, but it won’t matter whether you’re good or not to decide when you get locked up. I like making rules”. By this time I was at full mast again, she had never spoken like that before, it was incredibly exciting.

    Now 24 hours later and I’m on tenterhooks waiting for the first time ever for her to tell me to lock up. We live in interesting times.
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  2. It is interesting how the ebb and flow with our wives interest chastity can create quite a mind game for us. Just when you think they are ambivalent to it they turn your world upside down.
  3. Sounds exciting! I would suggest that, now that she is thinking about it, don't push her! Let it evolve from there and you will get accustomed to really being under Her control. In my situation, I tried to "Top from the bottom" when at your stage and it backfired and delayed things for quite a while. I have learned to accept whatever She gives and really submit to Her will and it has worked out really well!
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    Males that do not ask for things receive more than those who do :)
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  5. Thank you, Ma'am! Well said!
  6. I have often found that is the case. Most certainly asking for something has seldom proven to be fruitful and can reap unsought outcomes.
  7. OK, I understand not asking, but how will she know what turns you on? In some ways, asking without nagging can be helpful, can't it?
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  8. I somewhat disagree about the 'asking for doesn't yield' results thing.

    NAGGING certainly doesn't yield good results.. but I like being communicated with.

    I'm so glad she's receptive @Lakeman@Lakeman !! exciting!
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